Friday, September 28, 2012

Holiday time

Life is like an onion:
you peel it off one layer
at a time,
and sometimes you weep.
-Carl Sandburg.
Hi there! I've just started my holidays and
I've already made a start on some
projects. I went to see my neighbour to
ask about how to make some basic
doll house furniture and I came away
with a few good ideas. This is my attempt
at wood work and by no means am
I an expert but I will sure have fun
trying. I will show you these pieces when
they are finished and painted up.
Not a professional wood worker at all!!
I went for a net surf and came across a
fun idea using felt and pop sticks. I will keep
you in suspense until I have finished making
the secret project.

I wonder what this will be??
Over the holidays I will be madly working
away in the sewing shed. I now know why
my husband and millions of husbands
around the world don't want to come out of
their sheds.....sheds are fun!!!! If they are
sewing sheds that is. I just don't want to
come inside the house until I've done
'just one more row'. I have made a start
on another tablecloth using those little
bits of material and slowly but surely
I am emptying out one bag of material
after another.
Just love patch working
The weather is fantastic today, as opposed to
yesterday all windy and blowy. There are the
few clouds wanting to come over and spoil
things but it's all good, the fire is still going
inside. Enjoy this glorious day and all the
best to you.
Cheers, Anita.


Karen said...

I can see you getting up to all sorts of mischief out in your shed!!
The furniture looks great. You know it doesn't have to be flash and fancy for the kids to enjoy it.
Good luck with your tablecloth, too.

Val Spiers said...

I'd say your wood work looks pretty good. You will have to make tiny cushions for the chairs :D
Sounds like your sewing shed is the place to be.


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