Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vision is the art of
seeing things invisible.
-Jonathan Swift.

This last week has seen sunshine, warmth, cold mornings, wind and rain. Today the rain has set in and I just feel like snuggling up and having a snooze. That’s pretty unusual for me to do of an afternoon, but today I want to.......and I still might. I made a quick trip to the library yesterday and came across an interesting book called No Angel by Jay Dobyns. It is a book about a policeman’s undercover journey to the dark heart of the Hells Angels. I have only just started reading this book but I keep thinking about it all day, along with hubbies addiction to the show Sons of Anarchy, it seems to be the topic of conversation around here.  Still I have had time to sew and knit. I have finished my pink baby top I have been working away on.
Pretty in pink
I have made it a short sleeved top due to the fact I was running out of wool!! A rather simple pattern to remember, so it didn’t take long to throw away the pattern book and knit away. It is knitted in 8 ply and no need for a cable needle. This will be a show entry for the Annual show this year.

Mr. Snake is just a scrap piece of material that was left over from a previous project. Sew on a tongue, eyes and nostrils and there you have a snake. No pattern sorry, I know some of you email me asking for the patterns but sometimes I don’t have a pattern. I free hand a lot of things I make and just go with it.
Mr. Snake
I was surfing the net some time ago and came across a fantastic idea for using old beer lids to make things. Do you like my lady birds? I love the real ones most of all, but these guys are cute. I have painted them with folk art paints, but the good paints to use would be the acrylic paints, it doesn’t chip off. The lady birds are going to be part of a display I’m making as an entry for the show in the recycled section. Our show isn’t too far away so I have to get a chug along!
That’s it, I really want to lay down somewhere with that book!!! Hope you have all been enjoying the Olympic Games, I know I have. See you all next time.

Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

I think we are all ready for some warmth and sunshine. We had snow on the nearby mountains this week. We also had a lot of rain, hail and wind. Brrr....
That's another lovely knitted top you have made. You are a beautiful knitter!
Is Mr Snake for the library, too? And I do like the ladybirds. Fun!
Hope you have had a relaxing afternoon.

Country Whispers said...

Hope you found a little time to snuggle up with that book and read until you drifted off to sleep. (great way to spend a Sunday)
Your sweater is adorable and the snake is too cute.

Wendy said...

what I wouldn't give for a snooze right now! I stayed up to watch the closing ceremony and I'm feeling it today.

I LOVE those ladybirds, what a fantastic project!


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