Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lucky me.

All you have to do

is ask

-Randy Pausch

Hello there! I have finally finished a simple project off, that somehow seemed to take forever to do. There is good reason however, for my tardiness. I have been given so much ‘stuff’, that I have had to spend lots of time going through and sorting. Anyway I found a cute little Father’s Day banner in a book? net? And couldn’t help but make one. I do intend to attach each of these little ties to a long piece of bias binding after it has finished being on a book display.
Great way to use up scraps of material.

I’m not complaining here, so if I come across as doing so, forgive me, it is not my intention. I have now been given 12 boxes of everything we craft people would gouge each other’s eyes out to get and my sewing shed is filled to the brim. Suez, you’ll love this.......I had Heather over yesterday and let her have a pick at the boxes. All you could see of Heather were her feet dangling out of the boxes!!! She was all tired and needed a cup of tea after all the hard work.

Once again, no complaining being done here, but these are just two of the boxes of goodies. Tell me the person that gave them to me wasn’t a hoarder!!!

Perhaps she owned a shop?
Look at those boxes with zebra’s on them. There were at least 30 of them. I’m actually very thankful to have them because I will line them with tissue paper and fill them with sweeties for the Father’s Day stall at our school. Yes, there was wool too!!

This is a scarf I am knitting for a friend, the wool comes via one of the 12 boxes. It is an interesting textured yarn but God help me if I were to drop a stitch. Talk about knitting, I’m excited but sworn to secrecy....there are more babies on the way again. I guess the clicking sound of knitting needles will be well and truly happening here.

A couple of good bits of reading. A fantastic book from the library to help use up all the material I have and also a Homespun magazine to keep me out of trouble.

Well it’s been go, go, go, around here lately and I promised myself this Sunday afternoon I would give myself some time off.

Cheers, Anita.

1 comment:

Karen said...

Doesn't it feel like Christmas when you get to search through all those boxes. And it does look like you had fun.
I think the banner with all the ties is going to look great.
Love the zebra boxes.


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