Saturday, November 13, 2010

Toothfairy dolls

All creatures....are the same life,
the same essence, the same power; the
same one. and nothing less.
-Henry Suso.

Hi everyone. I had a few moments of time the other day, so I went for bit of
a surf around some craft blogs. Glad I did, I first went to Em's blog and found
the beginnings of some real cute dolls. Then I clicked here and found the
tutorial. They are so gorgeous and a pretty way to use up small
pieces of material.
Of course I couldn't just make one, I had to make a few of them. I made the girls
in one day. On the front of the doll is a little sleeve to put the tooth in so the toothfairy
can find it, and the sleeve also serves as the all important money drop off as well.
My little girls have gone to live in the library. I thought to myself that if you made these
in Christmas colours the sleeve could hold small gifts in them. Hope you have a go at them.
I had to make some with country materials as well, couldn't help myself.

On the knitting front, I have finished a knitted bag and need to go down town and
buy a small buckle to finish it off.
I had some of this colour left over and thought it would be a good colour to use for
a bag. It is knitted in 2 strands of wool at the same time, and fun to knit. If you would like
to have a go at this, the pattern is here.

I also found a sweet blog, that doesn't seem to be active anymore, however I found a sweet little
angel pattern to knit. It might be worthwhile just having a look at the blog anyway. Click here for
the angel pattern and a look at the site.
These sweethearts are just so cute. I didn't make the hallo as in the pattern and I changed
the hairstyle to look like me. lol. I'm still toying with the idea to put little faces on or not.
These girls will also live at the library, so sure as eggs, there will be kids that
are concerned about there being no faces on them. It is the funniest thing.

I'm off now to visit a garage sale, apparently there are some nice antiques and
old craft books to be had. I'm so there. Have a great weekend and see you soon.
Kind regards, Anita.


Country Whispers said...

I love the little toothfairy dolls and the knitted purse. The golden yellow is so pretty.
Those little angels need a face. The hair adds so much character, now they just need an expression.
Have a great weekend!

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Your library is going to be full of toys. Hope you found something for you at the garage sale.I see some "lavender" wool in your header picture. You will have to join in Colourful Friday next week.

Happy days.

teresa said...

Thanks for the link for the toothfairy dolls. I think yours are lovely... they could even hold some movie tickets, or gift vouchers for the teenage nieces (I'm thinking.....)

Sean Butcher said...

My mom used to make tooth fairy dolls for my sister when she was a kid. She even made one or two dolls for me also (although I'm a guy), 'coz I fear dentists a lot! But when I went to college, all the fears melted away when I went to this cool dentist (Myrtle Beach area). Unlike other dentist office that I've ever been to, his office was very client-friendly and he's gentler on having dental procedures on me. So until now that I'm 30, I still go to his office for some dental check-up.


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