Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hey! It's Ned Kelly.

Such is
-Ned Kelly.

I have been eyeing Ned Kelly off for a long time now,
and this weekend I had the time to make him.
I spotted Ned in an edition of Homespun No.16 (Vol 4.2) and now
that I have a library to tend to, I am going to have a
Ned Kelly display. The Head piece and armour is
made from toilet rolls and painted with folk art
paint. The original pattern has fasteners attached to it
but as the children will pick these off, I decided to
miss those out.
I dig the groovy eyebrows.

I can't wait to get to work tomorrow and get this display up.
A couple of weeks ago Bev sent me an email, she had
seen some really cute gnomes that I would love to make.
Some have already made their way to the library, so
these are the ones still at home....oh only until tomorrow.
Go here if you want to knit them. I have had to stop
myself and get on with other things.

I had some time this weekend to get stuck into some
sewing as Pixie and Cory went off gokarting. It was just me
and Brandon.
 I needed some bags to put the chess pieces (at the library)
in. So I found some scrap material and churned out a few.
I went digging through the bag of material Ruth gave me and
remembered the little animal blocks, so I stitched those
together as well.
I had to stitch one block up, the rest were already
made for me. The little wall hanging has turned out
fairly long, and I found a good use for a hanger that
had been 'hanging' around for ages.

                                           I love how bright these blocks are!
I love this one.

Oh I did manage some housework in amongst all this
free activity time. I am woman...multi talented! Now that
my weekend went really well, in many ways, I had
better think about some afternoon tea. All the best for the week ahead.

Kind regards, Anita.
oops!...another one.


Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

A very productive weekend. Those gnomes really are super cute. Have a Happy Monday.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this cute little guy!! He is on my list to work up. Just finished an eye lash knit scarf and a knit prayer shawl. Now I'll have 2 more scarves and one more shawl, and then maybe this little guy!


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