Friday, November 19, 2010

Colourful Friday

Journeys end in lovers meeting,
Every wise man's son doth know.
-William Shakespeare, Twelfth-Night.

I've decided to join in on the Colourful Friday crew. It has been fun
seeing the different items people have displayed in certain colours. I spotted this over
at Bev's blog. The colour this week is brown.
It was funny hacking around the house looking for brown  things,
but it was not hard to find them.
These are a few of my favourite brown things.
The bottlle on the right is an old Polish bottle I found in an antique shop
and having Polish blood running through my veins, I had to have it.
My knitted gnome and some lovely brown wool are a couple of my treasures.

Of course every little country cottage has to have a tea pot.
My glorious tea trolley is also a shade of brown and much loved by me.
In the kitchen hangs my husbands barometre. We found this beautiful item at one of the
markets in our capital city. It has been really useful. The way the photo has been taken makes the
barometre look as if its suspended in air! How did I do that?
My most favourite skirt in the world is brown and has cute beads all over it.
And I thought I would leave my brown shoes until last. I didn't realize how many of my shoes
are brown, but here are some of them.

I wonder what next week's colour will be?
Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

I think Brown must really suit you. Love the material with the beads etc. I see you knitted one of the gnomes.They are so cute. You could knit one for each colour we do.

Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Hey, We ladies can never have enough pairs of shoes :-)
Nice to see you playing, great pics.
Till next week

Karen said...

Hi Anita.
Lovely to see you joining in.
It's great to see a real tea pot and a lovely tea trolley being treasured.
Your skirt is gorgeous and I do love your shoes!

Carol said...

Cute gnome. Nice to see someone using a tea trolley. Love all the shoes :)


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