Friday, November 26, 2010

Ride 'em Silver!

Timely blossom,
timely fruit.
-English proverb.

Hello to everyone on this lovely
Colourful Friday.

I have joined in with Bev and the gang on Colourful Fridays and
this week the colour is Silver.  I was a bit pushed for time, however I
did find Silver things.

First of all my special server and plate, that I've had for
years and years.
And a lovely tin that was given to me and now holds
lovely ribbons.

I have a couple of patchwork blocks that are yet to be made up.
The block on the right, even though the photo doesn't show it well,
had silver through it.
Loved most of all is my small collection of Silver jewel wear. When I was 11 years
old my brother bought me this watch for my birthday. Belive it or not, it may have
a knob missing, and a broken link, but I still have it. (Almost 49 years young).
The brooch with the three pearls was given to me from an old Russian lady
that had lived in the street for many years until her passing. My husbands cross and a
sweet little butterfly brooch.

I'm going to check out the other girls to see what silver things they have found.
The weather looks interesting outside, I'm not sure what sort of weekend we are
going to have weatherwise, but being with my three darlings, it could snow for
all I care. Life is great.

Have a terrific weekend to all.
Kind regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Hi Anita. I had completely forgotten about the Lone Ranger and his horse Silver until I read your title! Lovely photos. That's a gorgeous silver platter - perfect for special occasions!
Love the blocks, too.

Narelle said...

You have some lovely memories in silver there.
How do you keep your silverwear so nice?

Anonymous said...

Lots of yummy silver things. Great pics :-)

Melody said...

A great silver selection.

fairchildstreet said...

Lots of lovely silver things. I really like the silver patchwork block. Charmaine

Robyn G. said...

Hi Anita, so glad you're joining Bev and all of us in our fun Colourful Fridays..there is so much to see.
Lots of lovely silver everywhere :-)
Great pics...Welcome aboard!!

Sweet Cinnamon Stitches said...

What a beautiful collection of silver....the butterfly brooch is gorgeous!

Carol said...

Your silverware looks lovely. Mine keeps tarnishing because of the type of weather we have.

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

A stunning collection of silver,love the plates and especially the patchwork blocks. I would love a silver quilt!!!
Have a fantastic weekend.

Micki said...

I loved everything, but the block with the silver centre block is just os pretty!

Christine said...

lovely silver the silver blocks!

Lois said...

Hi. I am old enough to remember the Lone Ranger and Tonto and Silver but it was Hi,Ho Silver and away. Don't you wonder how poor old Tonto put up with the masked man? LOL. Loved the reminder and all the photos. Love Lois


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