Monday, October 4, 2010

Still no dolls!

The world turns softly
Not to spill it's lakes and rivers.
-Hilda Conkling, Poems by a Little Girl.

Well my attempts at making these two lovely dolls have come unstuck.
In all fairness I have almost finished one of them, but still no clothes or face
for the second one. I have been so wrapped up in making these
banners for the library, and also taking advantage of the space I have while
two of my darlings have been away gokarting.

On Sunday morning I finished the Under the Sea banner and thought I would
share with you.
 I really have alot of materials that I would not use for any craft work as such, and found this was a good way to actually use the materials up instead of.....heaven forbid......give them away!! The yellow and red materials are stretch material and I cut the sides of it to make a curly sea plant. I also used many buttons, but I still might have more buttons than Heather. lol. The lettering was made with white felt and the fish on the right (the dark ones) were made from a curtain material that I couldn't part with.
The backing is a demin curtain material so it's nice and strong. Hmmm now I can feel a Space banner happening. Glad to have my boys home from gokarting. It was a State Title race, and Cory did very
well in his field. He raced in 2 classes and in a field of 33 racers he came 13th. Well done Cory and
thanks Pixie for all the hard work you put in to getting him there.
Have a great week everyone. Kind regards, Anita.


Bev C said...


The banner will really brighten up the school library,well done. Go Cory!!!!
Happy Monday.

retdairyqueen said...

The banner is great
Clever girl

Bev C said...

Happy Birthday to your blog.
Have a great weekend.


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