Saturday, October 9, 2010

End of holidays

A buoyant heart
spreads joy to grow
new relationships.

Our holidays are just about at the end and what a great break we all had. Days of sewing, knitting, creating, gokarting, relaxing and enjoying our time together, has been fun. I managed to get lots of projects started and completed, very pleased with myself of course. And guess what......I have made a good start on my cloth dolls.
These girls still need faces, wings, a dress for one of them and painted shoes. I will tuck these two away for next year's show. I love these girls, they are a pattern from the very first edition of Homespun and a favourite of mine. Also over these holidays we painted Cory's bedroom and he chose the colour himself!!! We all had a go at painting, so it didn't take long to get through with the painting. The colour is bold.
We also changed the room around so there is more space for teenage stuff. We will be buying some new furniture for the room and in the meantime just have to do with what we have.
I have since wiped the mirrors in Cory's room and they're nice and clean. Do you love the hat collection?

Today Heather and I drove over to a little country town called Toodyay and went to check out their Annual show. Someone had told me about the community spirit and it is true to what people say. At the show there were 30 quilt entries! And the knitting and crocheting...well there was a whole swag of entries. There is a nice country feel to that show. An interesting story one of the ladies there told us...these doilies were made by a 94 year old woman and the front of the work and the back of the work is identical. How amazing is that? On the sad side of things however, the lady has just in the last few days passed away suddenly. Her doilies came 1st and 2nd.
Another interesting feature at the show was a display of old baby carriages. Here is Heather near some of them.
 Imagine the exercise you would've had from just pushing these big girls up the road. They are all decked out in fantastic embroidered pram covers and hoods. Just look at the size of those wheels.

I reckon I would have enough room to stick my two teenagers in these prams. Just a couple of photo's I thought you would like to see.
After visiting the show Heather and I had to stop at a lovely tearoom and treat ourselves to a nice cup of tea and a dreadfully nice cheesecake. Yum yum. We eventually got home and said cheerio to each other. Now back in the real world, I have taken all the washing in, folded, put away and am considering doing the ironing. Hope you are all having a great weekend and will catch up with you all soon. Kind regards, Anita.


Vickie said...

busy busy bee indeed..oh my that sure is a bold colour....
wow that doily is outstanding..her work will be remembered by many I'd say...oh wow wow wow look at them them ..I have one here hiding up in one of hubbys is simply gorgeous(to me)..not quite as outstanding as them though,cheers Vickie

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Love those permabulators,imagine the clothes the nanny would have worn when she was out pushing it.

Happy Sunday.

Bev C said...

oops typing to fast, perambulators.


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