Monday, September 25, 2017

A million things can bring you down.
find one reason to keep you up.
Hello my friends! Here in Western Australia we are celebrating a long weekend due to the Queen’s birthday. Today I have been finishing off a knitted blanket that I’ve had on the go. This has been one project that I have enjoyed making because the pattern looks awesome and the lacework is cute too. The best thing of all is that they are not difficult patterns to follow and you don’t need to keep looking back at the pattern while you work. I have been told that this little beauty will be going to live in Ireland. I am so happy.

                                A close up view of the pattern.

I can’t forget to show you the beautiful lacework as well.

I really love my cute cushions that I had heaps of fun making. I have always loved the crocheted cushion covers with bright colours, for several reasons. Firstly the colours look cool, next, it’s a good way to use up little lengths of yarn and also, I love crocheting. The same goes for the patchwork cushion. I’ve had several of those fabrics for some time and just couldn’t throw them away.

My little tea cosy was a show entry that won 1st place, and I am so pleased with how good it looks. I remember having a pattern for a tea cosy that had really eye catching colours, so off to the sewing shed I went to find it. I’m so lucky, I found it in record time. lol

So now that the show is over, now that I’ve finished the last of my knitting orders (for a couple of weeks)….I am now knitting some things for me. Well, I should say that I’m going to knit things I want. This little knitting project is a gift that will go to live in Italy.

So now I bring you a laugh and show you what the gym instructors do to us for exercise. Our gym centre has introduced new equipment and new style of exercising, which I very much enjoy. The idea is to lift your body off the floor using your arm strength. So we start on the floor and we lift.
  Once we have lifted ourselves up, we then use the strength in our legs to steady ourselves on the wall and then push out....

When your body is straight out your stomach muscels  engage.  You then bend your legs and slowly lower yourself back onto the floor. We repeat this exercise for a whole minute going at your own capability and speed.
 Nothing is a race, only to complete the movements correctly.So you have worked so many muscels in your body and given yourself a good workout. The photo above was taken as I was coming in from being straight out. It just proves I can drive anyone right up the wall. lol

Well my friends…..I really want to get into the knitting right now so I’m out of here. I think our weather is making me want to sit in front of the fire place because even though we are in Spring time, the weather is still quite cold and we have rain. A good excuse to keep burning all the fire wood. Lol

A beautiful Sunday to you all.
Ciao, Anita.       Image result for clip art italy


Karen S said...

Hi Anita. Your blanket is gorgeous. It may be an easy stitch but it is s effective and looks wonderful. Love the lacework, too.
The cushions are super cute and as you say, a great way to use up small pieces of yarn or fabric.
Your tea cozy is a delight.
And I am so impressed with your gym workout!!!!!!

Maria said...

Your blanket is gorgeous and really lovely lacework.
Love your colourful cushions and teacosy.
WOW! Takes a lot of strength to do that floor excerise. Well done and you're actually serious ....👍🏼

Jane Galley said...

lovely blanket, it's a really effective pattern

webbsway said...

Wow and Wow again. Beautiful projects and what a work out? You Rock! ( in so many ways)


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