Sunday, September 10, 2017

My circle is small but the love is enormous and genuine.
It gets no better.
Good morning my friends! The show is now over for another year and my blogging will now get back to ‘normal’. Well…the sort of normal you find on this blog. Lol It has been a busy couple of weeks in my little town. First we’ve had the balloon festival that has lasted over a week and the annual show. How beautiful is it to see lots of visitors to our town, the sounds of different accents being spoken in the streets and a warm feeling that has filled the town. Ours is a town not known to have many tourists but when we do get them…it’s wonderful.
I can now show you some of the creations that I have been unwilling to share and that have taken time to enter in the show…….

First I have to celebrate a few of my little circle of friends that make the show so entertaining. We are only mature in the sense of numbers, the mind is another matter.

 Can you imagine anyone taking Neville seriously here? I do believe that is a bag full of toilet paper. Ironic. lol
 The show is about running into friends. Here is this little munchkin Cameron, he is a friend from gym.
  My hat/scarf came in 1st and little crocheted bag 2nd.
  So happy with the melon coloured baby set that came in 2nd and right by my side is Heather coming in at 1st place with her beautiful knitted jumper.
 Pink booties and white booties coming in at 1st and 3rd.

 Not a great photo but my scarf finally comes in 1st!! 

 A symbol of our friendship...Heather and I side by side in many classes.

And after all the hard work comes the reward. Winning trophies in both Needlework and Craftwork sections. I'm a happy bunny and the world is good.
Today is clean up day in the poultry section at the show grounds. After the crowds left yesterday and the tidying up in the pavilion was done, all that we needed to do for the day is clean the sheep shed of its hay. lol.....We had an awesome hay fight!!! Some of us ended up in the hay stack and in the sheep poo. Gosh it was fun.

Ciao and a good Sunday to you all.


Jane Galley said...

well done on all your success at the fair

Julie said...

Yes well done Anita!!! You have worked hard & you deserve all those certificates. Wonderful prizes too :-)

Maria said...

Congratulations Anita for your wins .. lots of beautiful entries... Nice to be able enjoy your wins and crafting with your dear friend Heather.

tesselleelle said...

Complimenti per i risultati raggiunti, siete stati tutti bravissimi!!! il complimento più grande però va a te cara amica, sei un vulcano di idee e realizzazioni, brava per i premi ottenuti. I tuoi e i vostri lavori, sono veramente belli, utili e allegri!
Un caro saluto a tutti, voi sprigionate serenità e gioia da tutti i pori.

Un abbraccio grande, cara Anita, sei adorabile, sii sempre così,

Francesca said...

che bella mostra e complimenti per le tante vittorie

Karen S said...

I am always amazed at how much work you put into the show on two fronts. First all the work you do with organisation, set up and clean up. And The I look at all the projects you have completed to enter into all the different categories. Congratulations on all the ribbons and the big wins. You are an amazing lady.


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