Sunday, July 23, 2017

 Laugh and the world laughs with you
A beautiful morning to you all! I think my mind is still on holidays for I missed you last weekend. I have been up to some naughty tricks lately....which does not seem my normal self!!! lol 
I purchased this Lego head over the internet and I have been having the funniest time with it ever since. My boys asked me why I bought it and I told them it was to add to the lego collection they had. I still haven't packed it away yet. I think I like him and he's very similar to my husband. lol Can you see the resemblance? 

In all the mischief I have been up to I have also managed to create some wonderful projects as well. I found a super crochet pattern, sent to me from a friend. Do you love this cute turtle? As I am newish to crochet I also had the help of a tutorial and I am so happy with the end result. He comes out a good size too.

 This sweet little set was made from left over yarn and seem to go well mixing the two colours together. I am most happy with the outcome and can't wait to see it on a little one. My friends....we have babies popping out again. Just magical!

 I have also made some clothes for a young girls doll. Little cardigans, scarf and hat was on the order list. I have since given them to her and she is over the moon about them. lol She's happy, I'm happy.

 A friend of mine asked for a special order...and she is special lol....fingerless mitts but one done in one colour and the other differently. These represent two of her favourite sport teams.
  I had to show off Heather the feathers creation as well here. A little kangaroo hat!! How cute. I just had to show you all that Heather doesn't only tease everyone that comes near her, she is also very clever at knitting.  lol. xxxxx
 At this stage of my post you may all want to go and refill your cups because I have much explaining to do. I get a little naughty sometimes.
Friends of mine have been away on a big holiday and as a Welcome Home surprise, I.....we thought we would yarn bomb their back 'door'. It was such fun doing it that we got a little out of control. lol Yarn, doilies, fabric, streamers, balloons and every thing we could lay our hands on went up on display. lol

 Hey mate! What are you looking at? Don't tell!
 I had help too! Hey Fiona? Well doesn't she look happy lol

 Welcome Home Neville and Chris. Surprise!!!!!
Lol....this photo reminds me of 2 naughty puppies that made a mess with the toilet paper. Oh and by the way...Fiona did do the toilet over too!!!!! lol Oops! 
 Oh no....she's licking my head!!!!!! I'm scared!!!!
Well now that you've seen the naughty side of me, I must be off now to create another week of happiness and spread it to the world. I hope your week is full of laughter, happiness and good health.
Ciao, Anita.


Gracey is not my name.... said...

First time visitor...I actually buy Lego sets for myself, as I don't have children..although I do share them with my students.....your post made me smile...I hope your friends weren't upset..I have a friend who did that to my classroom well as a leprechaun....

Maria said...

OMG Anita.....Fiona and you sure did a job of welcoming your friends home !!!!! Hope they didn't arrive home in the dark.....

Lovely crocheting and knitting and Love Heather Roo hat...

Mereknits said...

You make me laugh every week Anita. Well done on your projects and the yarn bombing.

tesselleelle said...

Sempre belli i tuoi fai sempre sorridere! Complimenti per i bellissimi lavori, quanto sei brava, mi piace tutto in modo particolare il berretto canguro, i guanti, i completi etc. complimenti per il bel benvenuto che hai fatto per i tuoi amici, saranno stati molto contenti. Che dire poi di Matel...un po' assomiglia davvero a tuo marito, ha un viso simpatico!...... non vedo Milo, tutto ok?
Un bacio grande dall'Italia, ciao Anita continua così,

Jane Galley said...

love the little turtle, have a great fun filled week

Karen S said...

Your Lego head is great fun!
Love the projects. The turtle is really sweet. Gorgeous little outfits too and so are the fingerless mitts.
You really are a mischief!!

SRUN POR said...

I was very fortunate to be able to visit your page.

Andreina said...

divertente vedere i vostri addobbi particolari....
la tartaruga è fantastica
buona settimana

Julia Marsh said...

Love the lego head and all your completed projects. Hope your friends enjoyed the welcome home surprise as much as you appeared to enjoy preparing it. xxx


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