Sunday, August 6, 2017

Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

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Good morning beautiful friends! I am one week into my long service leave and I'm having way too much fun. I could very easily get used to staying at home. I have to say that catching up with friends has been high on the agenda, I seem to have been doing a lot of this lately and it is such fun. There is a thread that strings all my friends together, no matter how different they each are in their own unique way. The similarity is that they all have beautiful souls and isn't that a tremendous thing to have. My friends even like me after I've yarn bombed their house. lol xx🙂🙂

  Partners in Crime....Fiona, Anita and Heather 
(this is not Heather the feather)
 Feeling rather my halo 
My camera has made a put wrinkles near my eyes and on my face. It also made my hair look grey. What's with that? The crazy camera. 😅😅

 Now down to the serious stuff because I haven't only been up to a heap of mischief but I have also worked very hard with my craft work. I crocheted up many aboriginal beanies and items for NAIDOC week and decided also to sew some bags, hat ties and baby booties. They were all well received and purchased.
 Six cute little crocheted dolls caps for a special girl. I have now been commissioned to make poncho's and berets for the same doll. Super excited now.
 These are two of the bags I had fun sewing up. They've now been sold.

 Yesterday morning Heather the feather and I were setting up our stall for the markets and we looked up into the sky......
 Our town held the Avon Descent which is a world wide white water boat/canoe race. We have many people from all over enter this race and with that brings many people to the town and to the markets. We had a lovely day chatting to people and exchanging stories.
 Lol....a very rare photo of Heather the feather being a good girl. It was hard for her to stay good for so long. lol...She is such a wonderful friend to me, love her like crazy cakes. xxx
 Well my friends it is time for me to go and challenge the world. As a matter of fact my husband has just staggered out of bed and this leads me to believe I now have a potential victim to pick on. lol. Today we are going to purchase a dog kennel for Milo and this means a drive to the suburbs and my husband is trapped in the car with me. What a beautiful day.
Ciao, Anita. 
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Jane Galley said...

you've been busy :) love the bags, hope the market was a great success

Kim said...

I think it is time to ditch that camera, Anita. =) You have been busy. Love all your makes. Enjoy your long service fun!

Mereknits said...

Cameras have a way of putting those wrinkles on, I think I need a new mirror because my mirror is doing the same thing! Have a great week.

JoJo said...

Great yarn bombing! lol!!!!

Fiona said...

you always give me a smile....

Verbena C. said...

E' sempre bello passare da te. Buona settimana ♥

Karen S said...

Gosh, you have been busy with those knitting and crochet fingers. They must be worn out. Lovely to see that all was worth it with the sales.
Make the most of every minute with you leave time. It goes too quickly.
How exciting to see those amazing balloons drifting overhead.

tesselleelle said...

Wow Anita, quante belle cose hai fatto e quante cose divertenti, hai scritto in questo post.
Sei un mito!!!
Un abbraccio,


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