Sunday, June 25, 2017

The perfect winter day.

Of this be sure:
You do not find a happy life,
you make it!

 When you have the perfect winter morning, you just have to go for a nice quiet stroll in the garden, take in the fresh air and by thankful that your night turned into the morning. I show you my craft works outside in the beautiful winter air.

This week I have been knitting away madly to finish two little cardigans. Remember the pattern I had struggled with? Yes, that one. I discovered the problem and now I am flying through the project. The pattern I had was suited for a 5 ply yarn and I was knitting with 8ply. That's why the cardigan wasn't going to size. What tricked me also was the the pattern was knitted using size 8 knitting needles which are used usually for 8 ply yarn. 

Soon in Australia we will be celebrating NAIDOC Day, a day where the aboriginal people and all of us come together to recognise aboriginals.There are many activities to enjoy and a day of friendship. I have knitted a beanie in aboriginal colours and also purchased fabrics that I will be making bags from. They will be available at the markets.

 I had to quickly make up a couple of crocheted hanging tea towels for a lady too while making the cardigans and beanie!!!! I'm almost finished making them. lol I love the tones people are going for these days for kitchen accessories. I myself, am a 'red' girl in the kitchen but I do love the colours I am using right now. 

 I forgot to mention that when I purchased the fabric I also purchased the yarn as well. lol Now I have it from another blogger friend that it is ok to extend the yarn stash because you can. So that is my excuse for buying more. Thanks for enabling me Meredith!!!! lol

 I'm just loving this walk in the garden!! I find all my happy thoughts here. Actually my happy thoughts are never far away but the garden brings more happy thoughts to me. My friends I see often, those I don't see often and for the friends who have travelled away....I find them all here and I wish them all good things.

 We don't actually have any finches in our aviary but these little guys just wiggle through the wire and help themselves to the feed. Buon appetite fellows!!

 .....oh and here is Milo. He is checking out to see if he is in trouble. lol
 I'll just sniff this and pretend I'm minding my own business. I am a good boy...I never do anything wrong.
 Yes.....I'm all good, not in any trouble. I am King again!!! What a poser!!!!

I am excited to say that I have four days left of work and I start my two weeks holiday. I am so looking forward to taking these holidays because I have some plans I want to stick with. I am wanting to try out this gym class called Cross train. It is on at times I would be at work so I have the opportunity to try it. I don't know how well I will pull up from it but at least I can have a sleep in the day if it knocks me about. lol I plan to burn the fire wood to see how that feels. lol....I know my husband will love that.😘 

Well my friends it is Ciao for the minute and time to go tackle the ironing. A beautiful day to you.

Ciao, Anita.


Karen S said...

Lovely to see you having the opportunity to be out in the garden. Great to see your items in the aboriginal colours. I am pleased you sorted out the problems with the cardigan pattern.
Count those days down and enjoy your holidays.

Verbena C. said...

Good NOIDOC Day. Bacio

JoJo said...

Milo! Such a cutie!

Maria said...

Glad you worked out the problem with the cardi.
You've got a lot to keep you busy in the holidays.
Enjoy your Cross train......
What you up to Milo ?

Mereknits said...

I can't imagine you ever not happy! Enjoy your time off.

Andreina said...

bel tuo cane ha due occhioni dolci....buona serata

Angélica D said...

Cuanto trabajo amiga ,, y ese perro es una mascota muy bella , de seguro la acompaña mucho y es un gran compañero

Francesca said...

ciao cara anita, buona giornata invernale, da noi invece si muore dal caldo, ci sono stati anche picchi da 40°, ma nonostante questo io ero sempre con i miei lavori a ferri con la lana.
un abbraccio francesca

Tutti guardano le nuvole said...

Complimenti Anita per il tuo lavoro e per queste belle immagini del tuo delizioso giardino!
Un abbraccio grande.

SRUN POR said...

I was very fortunate to be able to visit your page.


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