Sunday, April 16, 2017

Buona Pasqua
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Happy Easter
A beautiful Good Easter Sunday to everyone. It is such a lovely time of the year and Easter is celebrated in so many different ways, I have enjoyed watching all the processions being celebrated in Italy right now....breathtaking. As my boys have grown older, receiving chocolate eggs is still a favourite for them.
As I am also on holidays from work I have been busily dwindling down my yarn stash and have even broken into the stash of fabric I have as well. I had made a promise to myself that this would be my accomplishment for these holidays. 
In my yarn stash there are so many half balls, little rolls and snippets and full balls. In some yarns there is only enough to crochet 1 granny square, sometimes maybe 2 squares, but in the case of the different textured yarns, not enough for anything to make. I've decided to add different textured yarns together.... 

 This is the end result....a fabulous cowl.
And as far as the fabric stash goes, it is also the same for the sized pieces of fabrics that I can't throw out! lol Most of the time it is easier for me to find a use for the little pieces of fabric than for the little pieces of yarn. Elisa and Federica received these beaded dolls as part of their farewell parcel.
What could I do with the piece of Frozen fabric I had leftover? I decided to make up this cute little girls bag yesterday. I am so pleased with how it turned out too. I put it on the net and within a couple of minutes it was sold. Some little girl out there is going to be very happy. I am happy for her. I dreamed of getting such things as a child but money was always scarce.
 This is slouch hat number four...a knitting order completed.
There is just no peace in this house.....why is Milo so spoilt? we are. A dog who is hand fed cooked chicken!!! Now let me see...who is the culprit here? That's a tough question isn't it my friends. lol

On Tuesday night we took Elisa to the airport for her 6am flight on Wednesday morning. We went out to dinner, checked out the sights of Perth, and waited at the airport. Elisa asked me to teach her to knit while we were in the airport. I was so happy to do so and you know what?......she is an excellent knitter!! You caught on so well Elisa, congratulations. Most people don't get the idea of it so quickly. Considering we had both been up for a staggering 22 hours...we both look pretty good. Elisa can't help looking good...she always does. x
 This is us being all funny and cheeky. Well come on you lot....I had been good for so many hours....I couldn't help go all crazy. lol
 Well I will let you all go and enjoy this beautiful day now. I have plans to get into my sewing room today and thrash that machine of mine. I feel like sewing up a storm in there, and perhaps my boys will be happy for the peace and quiet. lol

Ciao, Anita.


JoJo said...

Lots of great projects completed! I need to deal with my stash of stuff too and not buy anymore till I use more of what I have!

Karen S said...

Hi Anita. Your idea to combine yarns to use in the cowl has worked really well. It looks great. And a lovely finish to all the pink slouch hats, too. We do like to hang on to every scrap of fabric and yarn, so finding ways to use them is smart.
And even last minute knitting lessons!
How great to have the Frozen bag sell so quickly. Do you mostly get your sales on Facebook?
I think Milo is ruling the roost at your place. But who could resist that face!

Angรฉlica D said...

Hola amiga me gustan mucho tu cambio de imagen del blog ,, se ve mรกs alegre,, te felicito por tanto trabajo realizado

harada57 said...
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