Sunday, March 5, 2017

Smile, its the key that fits the lock on everyones hearts.
Ladies, I am so happy. I have met two lovely Italian girls who will be stationed at our school until the end of the term. I have asked them a thousand questions and still they are happy to quench my curiosity with information about Italy. They are patient, funny, caring and I could keep going on about them.  Welcome to Australia girls, may you both have a wonderful time here.
  From I'm standing....I'm pretty happy right about now.
Per sempre tua
Forever yours
I have been commissioned to make a sensory pack for a young girl. The idea for children with issues for being able to keep still is to get them to carry some weight either in a back pack or as a neck warmer. I thought I would make something fun in bright cheery colours. Ironically I made a 'snake' one this time. 

 For some pleasure I am knitting a beanie or woolly hat, from a fantastic pattern I found on the internet. I feel in love with the honey comb look and fisherman's rib stitch.

  And I thought I had finished with my crochet blanket last week but I kept looking at it thinking perhaps a border could finish it off well....with a little picot edge too. Now I'm done. lol

 This week we have struggled through some terribly hot weather with no relief at night. The last few nights we have had to sleep through 24C heat and it really does make you feel a bit 'edgy'.
I'm thinking that one of the only plants in the garden to be truly happy are the succulents. This one is thriving. 
 Now I have left this story until last.....ironically I make a 'snake' sensory toy, and...... unlucky for us we have found another snake. Milo was hopping around the garden the other night and I thought he found a frog. It was when he started growling that I realised oh no it might be a snake. Yes, a snake. We thought it was one foot long....
 but last night we found the other half. 
I have often shared with you all some of the lol....crazy, funny people I have as friends and this snake episode brought out the best in their mental thought process. Lovely Chris suggested that perhaps the snake could be added as an ingredient in my 'cauldron'. Her off sider Neville couldn't have agreed more. Oh boy!!! Where do I find these people? lol
To my Italian friends, if you ever come to Australia you are certainly more than welcome to join me in some Sminuzzate la zuppa di serpente = chopped up snake soup.
Now that I have made you all feel unwell....makes me will go and enjoy this lovely long weekend we are having. I will be making a gratis project for school today, but then back to the paying projects. Wherever you all may be in the world, I hope your hearts are filled with happiness and good health.
Ciao, Anita. xx
Beautiful Venice.💗💕


JoJo said...

Love the sensory wrap. Weighted blankets are becoming all the rage here now to help people with anxiety and sensory issues. I would love to get one too.

Julie said...

Lovely photo of you with the two girls Anita. Your dress is rather lovely, as are all your new makes this week. That snake however is NOT lovely !!! Have a great (snake free) week ahead xxx

Maria said...

Great photo of your Italian friends and you..
The blanket looks great with it's border and picot edge and I also like the fancy stitch on the beanie..
Hmm! you can keep your snake.. We have many mice and last night a huge centipede slithered into my Cave...He didn't slither for long....

Karen S said...

What fun for you to have these girls at school.
Love the toy snake but not the other one, thanks.
I think the edge on the blanket is a lovely finish and the hat looks very snuggly.

Reyes ♥El telar de mi abuela♥ said...

Un post muy bonito Anita. Estás guapísima.
La serpiente no me gustó nada.
Un abrazo inmenso desde Canarias.

Verbena C. said...

Un saluto dall'Italia alle belle ragazze italiane.
No, di nuovo il serpente! che paura.
Milo è stato bravissimo un ottimo guardiano.
Buona settimana. ♥♥♥♥

webbsway said...

O the young ladies are so beautiful ! Hope you learn a lot from them. That fisherman's stitch is really LOVELY! The things you do with needles and hooks and yarn are mind boggling! Glad your succulents are happy!

Mereknits said...

You are wonderful to make that sensory neck hugger. I often tell parents to load up their kids backpacks with books and have them walk around, it is very calming for those who need it. Sorry about the real snake.

Jane Galley said...

your snake has the cutest face

Angélica D said...

Hola amiga querida ,, que lindo es Venecia ,, un bello post con todas esas trabajos tan lindas que usted hace , la felicitó


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