Sunday, September 11, 2016

Show time

This is a wonderful day,
I have never seen it before.

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Hello dear friends, it has been a long week but an awesome one. Showtime is over and all the hard work preparing for it is done. I had promised you that all the secret works I had been doing over these last few months would be revealed and in this post you will see them.

I have realized that the markets and show have collided a bit. lol Throughout the year I had purchased a huge plastic container to put my show entries in as I finished them. That idea was superb however, I kept taking things out to sell at the markets. Come showtime....guess what?.....not much left for show entries. So this time the show came with some stress. Last Friday was time for entries to be judged and this little goose was still sewing on buttons on Thursday.

Under all the pressure and with only 6 inches of yarn left to sew on three buttons....see what I managed to do in the photograph below? Notice the left hand side of the photograph is inside out and the right hand side is the right way out? I managed to stitch the buttons to the inside part of the garment. Grrrrr..... I did come close to biting my own arm off. lol To have patience is a good thing though and you will see where I came with placings at judgment time. 

Some photographs to show the lead up to the show and some of the gang at the Ag Society. My world seems to be full of lovely Heather's because this is another lovely Heather I know. 
Heather is working hard while.....this little beast is not. Simon just spends his days rocking in that chair....any chair!! He knows it drives me around the bend. He's a great guy, always trying to teach me new things. 
Paul and Jim 

                                           Mark and Heather  

                                                       Nola and Jill 

Let me show you some of the items I made...

Dolly, whale and owl, sitting along side Heather's pink knitted elephant.

Three distinct craft items and a blue ribbon for Best display in the section. 
Three crocheted cushions are mine, Heather's is the green knitted one.
My dressed teddy was no competition for the two dolls either side of her.

.See here it is, I'm pretty groovy with second place. 

                         A first and second in the bootie section! 

Many people at the show laughed and told me it was super funny to see how Heather and I compete against each other in many of the classes at the show. We both win and lose to each other, it makes for good banter between each other and when we are in a crowd situation.

Heather won first and second in the scarf section while I came up in third place. I've tried several things to beat Heather in the scarf section, even resorting to knitting with 2 ply. Can I win? lol

Let me introduce you to Neville and Neville. Such is my friendship with human Neville that it inspired me to make the stuffed toy Neville. Both are warm and snuggly. This guy is what our Ag Society is made from....born and raised into the group; dedicated, knowledgeable and hardworking. 

 But it was sad to see this fun loving larakin turn from this.... 

to this, in a short amount of time. I hope you get well soon Dragon. 

I'm thinking I better get to work on some ironing before I run out of time. I'm still meeting up with that zany bunch of ratbags for clean up day this morning. 

Something else of great importance....I had better find myself a knitting pattern today as well. I have no project happening!!! lol
A glorious day to you all.
Ciao, Anita.


Jane Galley said...

glad you had a great time and well done on all the certificates, love that scarecrow character, fabulous! Have a great week

Verbena C. said...

Compliments everything is beautiful. Good Sunday ♥

Mereknits said...

Your projects are wonderful Anita, you deserved every prize.

Maria said...

Ah ! I know what you mean about working till the last minute...that's what I'm doing for our Quilt Show in four weeks..two quilts done two to go...Ekkk!!!
Congratulations to both Heather the Feather and you on all your wins... You sure made lot of beautiful different things....
Guess now you are working again for next years show....

JoJo said...

Congratulations on all of your amazing wins! Your wall must be covered with framed certificates and trophies!

Dolores said...

Well done to both you and Heather. My daughter and her two little boys (ages 5 and 3) entered this year's fair this weekend too and all came home with ribbons (photography, art work, vegetable sculpture, etc.). They live in British Columbia.

Julie said...

Great photos Anita ...gosh you did so well - your entries were all just beautiful. I'll bet you are breathing a sigh of relief now that it is over for another year. Congrats on all your certificates. Hope you get a chance this week to create just for you :-)

Julie said...

Oh I forgot to say ... I just LoVeD your scarecrow !!!!

webbsway said...

Gosh, you and Heather sure did create some beautiful projects! You both should be very proud of yourselves to be so talented. I know you both put in a lot of hard work and long hours to pull that off. I love all of the projects.

Karen S said...

I do love seeing a good country show. So much hard work, but lots of fun.
Well done on all the entries you did mange to get into the show and congratulations on all the prizes.

Cuore Antico said...

What a hard work!!!
But are all fantastic.

Angélica D said...

Hola dear Anita ,, pero que gran día ,,, me encantaron esos tejidos a crochet ,, parece que todos disfrutaron mucho ,, que tengas un bello día


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