Sunday, May 15, 2016

While there’s life
there’s hope.
You really don’t have to look too far for fabulous things to happen. I have had such a fantastic things happen all week, while many of them were subtle ones, they were there all the same. Sometimes we go too fast to see them or realise they have visited us.

My fabulous things.......
A beautiful gift from lovely bella Mamma De Pietro

La mia bellissima amica, vorrei tenere questi tesori caldo e vicino al mio cuore. Ricorderò sempre erano un gentile dono da voi. Con amore xx.
Image result for clip art coloured swirls 

Having Corey visit home this weekend

Love you to the moon and back sweetness.

Meeting new friends at the markets
My renewed love for the garden

 Image result for clip art italian gardens

Stirring up Heather the feather
Seeing the moon peaking out from the clouds
Milo winking at me
 Image result for clip art rows of flowers

I also had a beautiful week of knitting and crochet. I have been asked to knit some baby mitts and here are a couple of sets. So easy to make and it's nice to know they will be going to help keep a little one warm.

 Having some leftover yarn from knitting the mitts, I decided to crochet another beanie too. This weekend at the markets Heather and I sold so many baby beanies it wasn’t funny.

Another medium sized beanie in chunky yarn. I’m starting to like the chunky look.

Yes my are surprised at all the crocheting hey? Lol Well I am in the middle of a crochet order for a baby blanket and I’m loving this project. Lovely Lizzie has a baby coming into her family and would like to give her family member a beautiful gift.

Heather and I went to the York markets yesterday with our stall and met up with lovely Anne and naughty Harry lol and purchased some beaut plants from them. Thanks guys for all your help in choosing the right plants for my garden. Love ya heaps.

 Image result for clip art rows of flowers

Oh yes, a little more knitting. Some cute little wrist warmers. They are so fun.

Well next week I have my last week of full time at work. It has been tiring, fun, challenging and exciting. I am looking forward to the slower pace and being able to get back to the production line of my craft work.

I always look forward to each lovely day and try to live it like it’s the only day I have. How lucky we are to be here. I’m also looking forward to knitting more beanies than Heather. Lol
Take care, warm wishes to you all and catch you next week. Thanks for dropping by.
Ciao, Anita.
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JoJo said...

I love your blog. You are always so positive and happy! Great stuff happened this week for you! Love the crocheted blanket squares.

Maria said...

Fabulous post my friend.. Boy Correy looks like, nice to him visit.
Pleased you are having a beanie knitting race with Heather the Feather.
Such pretty. Colours for the baby blanket.

Mereknits said...

You always make me smile Anita, best of luck with your work week.

Jane Galley said...

sounds like you've have a good week, love the look of that blanket, great colours

Karen S said...

It looks like you have been having a wonderful time. That parcel of goodies is wonderful.
Love the cute mittens and the pink and white squares will be such a gorgeous blanket.
I hope you have survived this last week of full time work and are looking forward to slowing down next week.

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

You have been busy! Great that you are doing so well at the markets... and I love the pink and white baby squares :) xxx

Julie said...

You always seem to have a great positive attitude Anita ...I wish you lived just down the road from me ...we could have such fun crafting together. I am loving all your new knits & crocheting & also the new plants you have bought. Don't know how i missed this post but am catching up now thank goodness. Happy Weekend to you :-)


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