Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day - Buona Festa Della Mamma.

Happy Mother’s Day

To all my wonderful friends and beautiful blogger friends, may you have a wonderful Mother’s Day full of peace and tranquility. My day will be spent hanging around the house doing a little of what I like and a lot of what I don’t necessarily like. Lol I don’t want to say the word ‘ironing’ right about now.

We have woken up to a lovely sunny morning so it would be nice if the day stayed like this. Heather the feather and I were at the markets yesterday and what a glorious morning it was....until about 11.30am when the clouds started to roll in. We had a very, very successful market day!!!

My son Cory took a gorgeous photograph of our beloved Milo, who looks so innocent here. He has turned into a big boy.

I have done a fair bit of knitting this week, however the other items I have to show are not stitched up, no buttons and threads still to be sewn in, so I will leave them for next post. I will show you my cute little Cabbage Patch doll cardigans that a customer asked me to make for them. They are knitted in 8 ply white and mixed yellow and mauve. I did manage to sew the buttons on these before I let you see them. A big effort on my behalf. lol

At the markets yesterday I met up with Anne and Harry who are the fantastic plant stall owner’s. They were kind enough to have 2 bougainvillea  plants saved for me and have done a heap of research to help me find suitable plants to make up my Italian garden in our backyard. 

I purchased 5 plants altogether but have so far planted only 3. The bush beside this bougainvillea escapes me just now but I will find out what it is called. Many thanks to you both for all the trouble you went to in the research. Hugs and XXXX

This is the second  bougainvillea on the opposite side of the yard and I plan to have these both grow up one single solid truck and have all the flowers grow across the top of the frame my husband doesn’t know he’s going to build yet!!!!!

Well my friends it is time for me to get going. I have two more weeks of full time work to go and I am struggling a bit to get the basic things done. The money is great but I do not know if I would really like to do this all the time. I know I would adjust if it was forever but for now.....not! lol
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Love to my gorgeous Italian blogger friends Francesca, Verbena, Gloria and Fillipa, Buona Festa Della Mamma.

Ciao, Anita. xxxx

Happy Mother’s Day mum....sorry for eating the feather quilt!!!!
Love, Milo.


Mereknits said...

Happy Mother's Day Anita, you family is so lucky to have you, and so are all of us in blogland.

Maria said...

Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day.. I received thoughtful gifts from the girls, a plant from Hubby?? had a lovely walk along the beach, brekky at the seaside cafe with friends and a wonderful relaxing day...
Cute cardis for the Cabbage Patch babes...
Nice plants. I can not get those things to grow...Good luck...

Julie said...

I am glad to read you have a hubby who is going to build you things that he just doesnt quite know about yet. Your bouganvilleas will be gorgeous once they are established Anita. I hope Milo doesnt think they might need some "help & assistance" to get started !!! Love the pic of the frowny face ... just delightful. Have a super week Anita.

Jane Galley said...

Glad you had a good market, love to see everything looking pretty in the garden

tesselleelle said...

Tutto adorabile Anita! Grazie per aver condiviso.
A hugh,

Karen S said...

It does look like you had a lovely day. The plants look delightful. I can see why the kids have enjoyed the little knitted tops. Gorgeous.
I can't get over how grown up Milo is looking! No longer a puppy face.
Congratulations on a successful market. You put in so much effort I am glad there are some rewards for you.
Hang in there for the next two weeks!

Angélica D said...

Hi Anita ,, espero que hayas tenido un feliz día de la madre ,,

Kim said...

Wow your Milo is big! He is very sweet. How wonderful the madding crowd love your pretty things at the markets. Those cabbage patch cardies are cute. The Bougainvilleas will look so colourful when they begin to grow. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day....I hope it was filled with things that you love.


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