Sunday, March 20, 2016

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You don’t have to be crazy
to be my friend.....
I’ll train you!!
This week was full of gorgeous stuff and heaps of fun. I’ve been surrounded by loads of people who have been there for me through thick and thin, have acted like nutters – just the way I like it, and shared many laughs with me. 

They say friendship is groovy and it really is.  I spent many hours at the hospital today with Heather the feather  and all is good.  Heather hadn’t even had a cup of tea yet and so I thought I was doing a community service by staying with her.....making sure she didn’t scratch people as they walked by her bed. She get s like that if she hasn’t had her cup of tea. Lol
Luv ya heaps Heather!!

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 How do you like my creation of a felt mouse?  A lady at work asked me to make her a mouse that would resemble one from a story book. This is the book.....

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This is my version. My little mouse is about  2 inches high x 3 inches long. I adore the big ears and big yellow eyes. I hope the lady loves him too.

I had an extra day at work last week and it entailed cleaning, removing items from a room to different places. Great for the extra money but was I going to do a heap of housework this weekend? I decided to do some gardening as it appears to be a little safer from snakes now as the weather is cooling down a bit. 

A stroll through the yard was pretty awesome and relaxing. I think too often we forget to do these wonderful things such as actually looking at the natural beauty in our gardens, sitting in a cool corner of the yard and simply listening to the noises that surround us, watching our pets as they do their crazy little antics.

Thinking that my front yard is turning   Mediterranean  to help me feel settled. The plants on the pedestals will cascade from the pots once they’ve grown more. The plant in the big white pot in the middle is a miniature bougainvillea. Apparently they grow well in pots. The flowers are white. How yum it will look when it all grows.

On the knitting front, I have been chipping away at a cardigan for a 1 year old boy that has been requested. This unfortunately is not a good picture of it but I will try to get another photo when it is finished.

What is this darling thinking? I often wonder what her thoughts are?

Welcome back to Australia Ermo!  I hope you had lovely travels and fingers crossed for the dreams you want to achieve. I’m sure you will be successful. 

Thanks to my Ag Society friends who make me feel so included in the gang....and for teaching me how to undo sleeping people’s shoelaces from under the table. Lol

To Verbena, thank you for visiting my blog. My heart belongs to Italy.
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I didn’t get to visit blog land this weekend but when I get half a chance I will visit my favourite gals. Not long until Easter, a few lovely days off, a time to think about the meaning of Easter, for those who celebrate it. Have a wonderful  week and take care.
Ciao, Anita.


Mereknits said...

Who has time for blogs when you are that busy? Hope Heather is okay and that you are getting loads of time to kit that cute little sweater.
Have a great week,

Sandra :) said...

OK I lost it at "making sure she didn't scratch people as they walked by her bed" - that's me when the internet is down (but the bed is my couch) - LOL! Heather I hope you're OK!! This is a very international and crafty post - the best kind :D I'd love to visit Italy one day - probably when hubby retires (he's Italian) :)

Maria said...

Gee Anita I sure Heather is ok.. You're such a good friend, sitting by her side to prevent her from scratching anyone!!
Love that wee Mousey....
Pleased you got out in the garden...
Have a great week...enjoy your Easter break.

JoJo said...

It's hard to believe it's nearly Easter! This year is flying by too. I adore that mouse!

webbsway said...

O Anita, I am so sorry to hear Heather the Feather is in the hospital !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! None of us like to see that place. Hope she is set free Very Quickly.....

Love the walk through your yard, wish I could be there to share the walk with you.
You're working on a baby sweater - what happened to the sweater you were making for yourself??????

I Love the mouse - I bet your friend will too. It is Perfect to go along with the book! A Custom Design!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You Rock.

Sandra Bean said...

Hope Heather is ok, know how she feels not being able to have her tea! That little mouse is adorable!

Fiona said...

your'e a good friend and I hope Heather is feeling better and at least had heaps of cups of tea now! I do love your mouse - soooooo cute and your garden is looking wonderful

Karen S said...

Hoping all is fine with Heather. Good to have a friend for some good company.
Lots of fun with your mouse and your knitting is always lovely.
I was looking at your garden pictures and wondering if you managed to get any of the rain that went through your area. I do hope so.
Enjoy the Easter break and i hope the Easter bunny finds you!


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