Monday, March 7, 2016

Here here to Friendships!!!

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Living is having ups and downs
and sharing them with friends

In Western Australia we are having a long weekend to celebrate Labour Day and I’m going to use the extra day to the fullest. The weekend started off with the markets on Saturday, and we couldn’t have asked for better conditions. 

Beautiful weather that was marvelous for strolling around to browse, crowds of people, the music softly drifting around the markets and meeting up with many of the friends I don’t get to see otherwise. Also meeting up with the friends I do see....especially the ratbag members of the Ag Society! lol

Actually you will notice there is an empty space in the owl basket....that scary girl had great success with her knitted owls, they were such a hit with the young folk.


I’m making sure we have enough baby items for the coming winter season to sell at the markets as well....we ran out last year!!!!
Here I have made some rather cute little booties with a picot edge on the bottom. I’m thinking I really love that pattern.

A friend of mine gave me some leftover balls of yarn recently and I devoured them quickly. The texture of the yarn was just so lovely to knit with that I couldn't stop myself, I had to keep knitting until it was all knitted up. Now that doesn't sound like me. lol Many thanks Chris, you're a doll.

I started knitting a sweater for myself last week and this is how far I have come with it. The back, front, one sleeve done and the last sleeve almost done. The pattern was made with little caps for sleeves so I have just invented my own sleeve pattern, that has worked out very nicely thank you.

  Do you like the cuff pattern? I want the ruffle look for this winter season so I thought this is the perfect time to start.
I’m off now to get into some skulduggery and stir some of my household up. I’ve already pecked away at hubby (and he truly enjoyed being nagged?!!) Well I enjoyed it anyway. I have my son Brandon in my sights now...I’m just going enjoy it I know.

Beaming heaps of love and kisses to my mates Neville and Chris. Stay strong guys, luv ya heaps. just try and stay out of trouble. lol

Ciao for now, 


Jane Galley said...

Looks like a lovely market and it's so much more fun when you can do it with a friend. Love the jacket you're making

Maria said...

I bet you have the best time at the markets with your bestie.....
lovely knitting again and I can't believe how fast you knitted up your cardi...
I remember knitting a Baby Layette with the little picot trim on them..Very cute..

Julie said...

Your new booties are gorgeous Anita. Looks like a lovely day for the markets ... I did laugh at your comment ... am guessing thats Heather the feather sitting there behind the stall :-)

JoJo said...

I'd be in financial trouble at that market!!!! Those owls alone are adorable and would need to come home with me. I love the beanie hats you made with the gifted yarn too. So pretty!

Karen S said...

The weather does look perfect for your long weekend. How we get the same for ours next week. Your market stall looks lovely. Very colourful and bright.
Lovely work on the sweater for yourself. That is going to be very nice.
Hope you made the most of your extra day!!

Mereknits said...

It looks like a beautiful day. I can't bevel you made all of that sweater in a week, that would take me a year, just ask the sweater I started months ago and is still in the basket waiting to be worked on.
Have a great week.

webbsway said...

Wow- what a wonderful event with a wonderful cohort! I LOVE the owls!!!

You are so special - I love the way you play with words. You really bring them to life-and not bad life either - a wonderfully inspired life.


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