Sunday, March 13, 2016

Meeting new friends.

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Aww....good morning ya little chipmunks, how are you all? I’ve had a nice sleep, so I’m charging on 8 cylinders right now.  I  consider myself to be a V8 motor engine and I’m firing! Lol

What kind of week did you all have? I had heaps of different things happen on so many levels it was crazy. But come the weekend and I’m kicking it back a notch in low gear.

Hubby and I had a day out in the city......eekkk! the dentist. Never a favourite trip for either of us and the results we both had after getting out of the chair was that we both are going to get a bum whacking if we don’t do better at brushing. 

Yesterday however was a different day, I had a day at the markets with Heather the feather over in the lovely historical town of York. Half the work is keeping Heather out of trouble and in tow. You all believe that I know it. (I’m a good girl, I never do anything wrong).  

Markets are pretty fun too, we met this lovely couple Anne and Harry. Their stall was full of absolutely fabulous healthy looking plants. Harry got into a bit of strife with us women but we soon straightened him out with the threat of the naughty chair.  lol

Anne, Heather and Harry

         All I wanted was a normal friend!!

Oh gosh, she’s looking!!!!

York is such a beautiful town and as you gaze across the markets you can see grand old buildings peaking out in the background.

Quick pics of goodies on our ‘normal’ table. Lol.

I’ve also had some time in the sewing shed this week. What to do with old show ribbons? I decided to stitch them together to make a banner to hang in the rooms of the Ag Society. They are looking groovy all stitched together.

Hey, I’m just buzzing about this cute baby beanie pattern I found on the net. The top end is gathered together by a length of chained stitches. Oh it is very sweet and also agreeable for the beginner crocheter! I used 8 ply when I did this pattern, so it’s come out quite small. When I make this again instead of hdc 20 sts, I will be adding stitches to make it hdc 35 sts. You can check out the pattern yourself. Just click here.

My project this week was a crocheted green and white cushion. This is made out of traditional granny squares, using 8 ply yarn.

Well possums....I’m about to venture out into the big wide world (that really equates to I’m off to go and stir my tribe up now). Have a groovy day, be thankful for each lovely day we are given and be grateful for your friends. I am so lucky to have this awesome crowd of friends and some family members that I hold dear.
Ciao, Anita.


JoJo said...

You are so prolific! I hope you are having great success at the markets.

Maria said...

Oh poor Harry having three women boss him around...LOL.
Pleased to see you are running on all 8 cylinders and getting lots done...

Jane Galley said...

Looks like you had fun. Love the little hat, gorgeous

Amy DeCesare said...

I hope you have another great week coming up - would like to see some more fun photos. That little hat really is so cute!

Karen S said...

Lovely photos of the market. And such a beautiful day.
Your items for sale look great.
Smart idea with the ag society ribbons. They can end up all over the place but this way they will be kept together.

Julie said...

Gosh York looks such a beautiful town Anita, glad your market went well. Your stall looks fabulous & lots of great craft there. Love your new little hat. Also love what you have done with the Ag ribbons, looks amazing. Poor Heather .... your "normal friend" :-)


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