Sunday, February 21, 2016

A best friend is like a four leaf clover, hard to find and lucky to have

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Hey!! Can anyone tell me when this heat is going to go away? Lol.....had enough now. We are coming to the end of our very long and hot summer and officially on the 1st March it’s meant to be autumn. I might just have a chat with Mother Nature about all this....she’s not gonna listen. Lol

I’m so eager to get stuck into the garden and do outside stuff, but as the weather is too hot I will keep doing my craft work.

One of my most favourite things happened this week....2 of my friends gave me bags of yarn and scraps of fabric. Gosh I’m a happy camper! One of the bags had some furry fabric and I made this little toy below using some of it. I also had some scrap black fabric I needed to use up, so they turned into arms and legs.

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Some of you are going to be shocked in a second when you look at my next project that I have spent a fair bit of time on. See!!! I am capable of putting my knitting needles down for long enough to do a heap of crocheting. 

One of my customers has requested crocheted pink baby beanies, so I made a selection and whatever they don’t choose will go to market. As I’m not a crocheter as such, (following patterns)...I am pretty proud of myself that I was able to follow a pattern. 
Another customer has requested knitted baby beanies with the ruffled edge in white. So as I do, I made a selection and what is not chosen will go to market. I kind of get on a roll and think this is a good chance to make extra stock. I have enjoyed making all of the beanies.....I’m not an addict I tell you!!! Lol.

My town library is having a book display and have contacted a few local artists and asked them to display their creations. I have been approached to do a display and I so jumped at the chance. I thought that it might be fun to actually make some items that were on the front of a few of the book covers. So I’ve started on these slippers.

My new creeper has replaced the one that clagged it over this summer. She’s looking good right now and I hope she stays that way.

I have been taking quiet walks through the garden at the very end of each day....when it’s cooled down to 32C...and I wonder to myself how the garden is still alive! I always marvel at how nice you feel looking at the flowers, ornaments and bugs that stroll around the leaves. It makes me feel calm and peaceful.

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Well gals, it’s time to attack the ironing, so I best be off. I have this glorious Sunday to be thankful for, so I’m going to use it the best way I can (after the ironing that is). I hope you enjoy your day too.

Ciao, Anita.    


JoJo said...

I love that adorable toy you made from the fuzzy fabric! It's sooooo CUTE! You are so prolific with your yarnwork! Sorry you guys are still roasting. Last Sunday it was -10F with a wind chill of -27F. Then by Tuesday it was 54F. Crazy!

Mereknits said...

You have been on a roll my friend! I bet all of those orders will be snapped up in no time. So sorry it is so hot there, it will be here just when you are starting to cool off.

Julie said...

When you have that little chat with Mother Nature about these awful hot summers Anita, could you put in a good word for us over here too !!! I love all your creations in this post - you are doing what I often do when someone orders something .. & that is to make a selection & then you have the extras as stock. Lovely makes ... enjoy your week Anita.

Maria said...

Has another week flown by... REALLY.....
Your crocheted beanies are just lovely as are your ruffled ones and the Black/White furry "Monster" is great...
Sadly my garden has given up and sew have I.. the hot Easterly we have been getting was just too much... EVEN the vincas turned up their toes...
Have a great week and I hope it cools down a bit..

Maria said...

P.S.. I am sure your Red slippers will make a lovely display at the Library...

Jane Galley said...

well done on the crocheted beanies, they're gorgeous

Karen S said...

You have had fun with the soft toy. Lovely way to use the furry fabric.
Gorgeous work with the little hats both knitted and crocheted. They are adorable. And very smart to make a few at a time while you are at it.
The library display is a fun idea. Love your suggestion of making items from the books for the display.
Well done for keeping your garden going with the heat you are having. It is looking good.


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