Sunday, July 19, 2015

Make us happy and
You make us good.
-Robert Browning.
Hey morning gals! I’ve had a bit of a late start to the morning but I’ve been out selling cowls already!! Sold 2. How great is that? My holidays have drawn to an end........and I want them back. Lol Anyone else having trouble with blogger letting you change fonts? I can only change a few words, but the body of this blog doesn't change...even by typing it up in word first. Weird!

It’s really been one great big knit-a-thon around my parts these last few weeks. Filling knitting orders and selling goods at the markets have certainly kept Heather and I busy. I’m getting a little stress about my show entries because I don’t think I have been able to make as much as I usually would do.
My week was filled with.......A trip to the local craft shop. That was heaps of fun. 

 This free pattern from Ravelry is called Wurm, but I’m thinking I might call it an Ashlee cap! Love the cool colour. Click here for pattern.

 I adore the top of this cap, it looks so smart.

Knitted baby beanies for consignment......and they were super fun to knit. I’ve done one in plain and one in cable with each colour I used. Click here for the pattern
 Haven’t quite got to knitting the cable pair for these two.
 I’m flicking through this super book of Heather’s. The pages show you how the buildings look now, and it has a plastic page you can put over the top of it and show you how the building did look in its time. I have seen most of those buildings while touring through Italy. Truly amazing.

Image result for clip art italy

I’m off now to bother my oldest son as we are the only two at home right now, and secretly.......I think he likes it when I stir him up. After pressing my buttons with his comment about ‘there’s nothing to eat.....only ingredients’.......I think he needs some teasing.
Stay happy everyone.

Ciao, Anita.
Image result for clip art italy


Jane Galley said...

I love the crowns on knitted hats :) Glad you've had enjoyed your holidays, hope it won't feel like too long before the next ones

Maria said...

You are doing really well with your knitting.. Love those cute wee beanies..
Hmm! If the ingredients are in the house why isn't eldest son doing some baking??

Karen S said...

Lovely knitting and well done on the sales. I always found it hard when holidays ended. Getting up in the morning was horrible in the first week. Then it all settles back into routine. Bet you have had a few frosty mornings!
Hope your week goes well.

JoJo said...

You are a knitting machine! :D Great projects! And I love that Rome book. I wish there were books like that for American cities too.

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness you have been busy making some fun things. I like that you like to bother your son, I mean that is why they are here.

Fiona said...

Hi Anita, well done on the cowl selling.. lots of other lovely knitting done too...

Julie said...

Gorgeous new knits as usual there Anita. Thats great you are selling so much of your knitwear, its just beautiful. Try not to get too stressed about your stock levels, it will all work out okay in the end.


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