Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ah! there is nothing like
Staying at home for real comfort.
-      Jane Austen, Emma.
I’m enjoying my holidays so much, it’s amazing!! The weather is pretty chilly here, so that means the fire is raging, the hot drinks are flowing and I’m content to just roam around the house and enjoy doing the things I don’t get to do usually.
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Heather and I took ourselves over to the little town of York yesterday, to the markets. We had our knitted and sewn goods for sale and we did really well. The people were lovely and friendly. I can tell you we did wonder why we were driving along in the freezing cold at that hour of the morning! Lol Turned into a lovely day....and we were well behaved.
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I have been super lucky to visit my tribe of nieces and nephews. I even got to spend some time with my niece Lisa and visit a beautiful garden nursery. That was heaps of fun and beaut to spend time with her. When I was kissing all the little nephews and niece goodbye, I managed to get a “candle kiss” from little Jack! That joined us together for a split second. Lol.

Winter and knitting go hand in hand around here too, so there’s been lots of that going on. Come with me.........

Cute little baby beanies on the go.......

 Little bootees in gorgeous soft yarn....

2 black cowls coming up! These have already been sold.

 Image result for clip art small winter gloves

 Ready for the market table...sweet little legs warmers.

Child’s fingerless mittens (already sold!) Glad I quickly took a photo. lol
 A sneak peak of one of my projects. I love this pattern but don’t know what it’s called. Very pretty.
 Another sneak peak. I’m being a bit cagey aren’t I? lol
 A friend of mine dropped off a big bag of mixed yarn with some lovely textures in it. I’m already knitting away with some of it. A pity I’m not much of a photographer because I haven’t been able to capture the lovely texture and colours. I am making a cowl out of this lot of yarn and can’t wait to get stuck into the next lot.

I’m off to see what everyone is doing around the house. I’ll be doing all the things that make me happy today, that would include stirring up the hubby. I think he secretly likes that. I know I do. Lol
You groovy cats enjoy your lovely Sunday.

Cheers, Anita.
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Viva Italia.


Kim said...

More lovely knitted woollies, Anita. Well done for flogging your knitted pretties at the market. So happy for you that they are flying off your table. I must say I am loving the latticed, pink long are you going to tease us?? Enjoy your holidays.

JoJo said...

You are a busy girl! I'm happy to hear everything is selling well too. I hope you are enjoying your cool winter weather. It's been a nice summer here so far but today's a bit hot and humid for me!

Maria said...

Pleased Heather the Feather and you did well at the markets. Would have been a fun drive over to York with you two in the car.......
My you have been keeping those needles clicking madly. Love those wee beanies...
Poor hubby bet he is happy when you sit in front of the fire and knit... LOL
Enjoy the next week of holidays..

Jane Galley said...

You've been busy with a great variety of different things. Glad you had a good day, makes all the effort worthwhile

Karen S said...

Very pleased you are enjoying the holidays. Our schools went back today and it was so cold!!
Gorgeous, gorgeous knitting going on. The pink one is very pretty.
I am also delighted that the markets are going well, too. Well done! great to have heather along as well to share the journey.
I have a photo to share and will send that privately later.


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