Sunday, August 2, 2015

Believe it or not!!!

Good morning everyone...
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I missed blogging the last couple of weeks but with pretty good reason. Believe it or not.....
Reason 1
I knitted baby blanket and pillow cover for a lady short time ago and it was admired so much by a friend of hers. I was asked to knit it again! Same colour, same pattern. This is what kept me out of mischief over this time. It’s just before show time so I really squeezed this one in. It looks beautiful. 

 After always stirring my DH up about being Princess Ebay.....I have now, myself, turned into Princess Etsy. Waiting patiently for my order, it has now arrived. All the way from lovely Italy, my 3 balls of incredibly soft wool.

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Reason 2  for not blogging...I’ve kind of repeated my projects lately (due to demand), so thought you might want to see something else.

 And here is that something else..
A sweet little sweater knitted in 8 ply. If you want to check out the pattern, click here
 I bang on a bit about the way the instructions are for some new patterns these days, but really, this little sample of knitting had Heather and I bamboozled for some time. When I get time I will explain this one. lol This part of my blog is the complaints department.
 Due to the weather this Saturday, the markets were cancelled, so the Pix and I went for a spin to Midland and did some material shopping. It was the best fun. 
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Do you love the selection of fabric I found? Yummo. I will be sewing up some little kids clothes for the summer time markets. Fingers crossed for success.
 How about this cute dinosaur material? Gotta love it.

Reason 3 for not blogging is working full time. I have had the opportunity to pick up some extra work, and with hubby away working, the gas running out and everything going wrong that possibly could! was a struggle. The pay was nice though.

I’m buzzing off now to do a bit of house work and then out to lunch. When things settle down I will do some blog visiting, I promise. I hope your day is filled with heaps of great things and how lucky are we for each wonderful day we have been given!
Ciao for now, Anita.
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Viva Italia


Maria said...

What a gorgeous set you knitted. I would love to see it done in white or a pretty pastel but I realise your client likes beige.
You have been busy with work.
Nice colour your new jumper is.
Loving all your new fabrics.....
I haven't been on line much either as we are tripping around Aussie. Internet is very hit and miss.
Writing this on the road to Mt Isa Qld.
Hope you had a lovely lunch.
Hugz Maria. XX

JoJo said...

Beautiful projects and I looooove that new fabric!

Julie said...

Your new fabrics are gorgeous Anita, look forward to seeing what you make them into.
Your blanket & pillow cover are beautiful too - can see why everyone wants you to make that pattern for them. Lovely new etsy wool :-) Have a super week

Sezza Knits said...

The baby blanket is gorgeous! Working full time is my issue too, tricky!

Mereknits said...

All perfect reasons for being gone, that baby blanket is so wonderful. I find some of the simplest patterns are often the hardest to understand.

Narelle said...

Beautiful knitting and that knew fabric says fun!
Finding it hard to squeeze everything in here too ... lovely to catch up :)

Jane Galley said...

sometimes we all need a break, there is always so much to do, and you've been very busy.The baby blanket is gorgeous


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