Sunday, June 28, 2015

The best way to cheer yourself
is to try to cheer somebody else up.
-Mark Twain.
We know winter is here, two of the boys have gone off gokarting and two of us are holed up at home sick! Lol Brandon and I have managed to get a good dose of the cold and tagging along with that we both have the aching joints, headache and feel like a pair of tired sloths! But alas, we will not moan, there are worse things than just a cold.
This weekend (in between the sleeps), I have made good progress on some knitting I had started through the week. Come and have a sticky beak with me.....

One hot water bottle cover done!
This is actually knitted in 8 ply using a pattern from Ravelry but I added my own design on it. There are some super hot water bottle covers on Ravelry if anyone is interested. Go check it out.

Image result for clipart small flowers
A pair of fingerless mittens (pattern also found on Ravelry), these are being sold.

One pesky little brat who is just trying to get to the camera by sliding under my leg. Milo

2 pair of fingerless mittens, with the individual fingers added.
A sneak peak of a secret project on the go. 121 sts on the needles in 8 ply yarn and a sweet, sweet pattern. 
Image result for clipart small whimsy
I did notice that while I was looking for a pattern to knit up the hot water bottle covers, that most were knitted in 10 ply. Not too helpful if you’re a hoarder of 8 ply yarn and trying to use it up. That’s why quite often I will just make up my own pattern to accommodate.

I am finding the 10 ply is really taking over even in the fingerless mittens patterns and some baby wear! That can’t be right can it?

What do you knitters out there think? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Well guys, I'm off to chew on another Vicks lolly now to help clear the nose, and to sit near the fire and just do my knitting. I'm so over the moon with my pink project that I want to get stuck into it. If you see smoke coming from my place, don't worry it will just be the knitting needles clicking like wild!! lol.
Stay warm and happy.
Cheers, Anita.
Viva Italia


Julie said...

Some great projects produced this past week Anita - gosh your gloves look great, they will be popular I am sure. Sorry to read of your cold, they are going around here too. Did Laugh at little rascal there trying to get in the photo - they never give up do they :-) Have a great week & hope you feel better soon.

Jane Galley said...

I love the fact your needles are the same shape as mine :) a sign they've been well used (or sat on) You've had a productive week for not being well, hope you are feeling better soon. Can't wait to see more of the pink project, it's a pretty pattern

Cath said...

I am liking your pink project too......isn't it lovely when you have a project like that and you just can't put it down and even think about it when you are not working on it. Enjoy your knitting and GET WELL SOON!

Kim said...

Oh you poor thing to have been attacked by the dreaded lurgy. I love the hot water bottle, lovely colour and lovely pattern. The mystery 'pretty in pink' is lovely. It is a gorgeous pattern. Get better soon!

JoJo said...

You are really good to be able to still knit when you aren't feeling well!! I hope you guys are over your colds soon.

Mereknits said...

The best thing about a cold is allowing yourself time to knit. Feel better soon.

Maria said...

Nice hottie cover and fingerless mittens...

Ah! I bet your needles are going furiously on your pretty pink project. Love the pattern.

Anonymous said...

I love the Mark Twain quote at thentop,of your post and the purple hot water bottle cover is wonderful! I can't wait to see what has you "in the pink." Have a great week.

Karen S said...

Great knitting projects again. Love the look of the fingerless gloves. Can see some great uses for those.
Not good to hear you are sick with colds. make sure you get better before the holidays. can't be sick for them.
I have noticed a lot of the patterns calling for 10 ply are from the USA. Makes it a bit tricky for us here where most yarn is 8 or 12.


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