Sunday, June 21, 2015

I adore simple pleasures
They are the last refuge of the complex.
-Oscar Wilde.

Having kicked off the weekend on Thursday afternoon, it has been run, run, run really. Lol It is one of those weekend’s where everything needs doing. Perhaps I didn’t quite plan things as well as I could have but I shall plod along.

Cory and I drove to the city on Friday to have the final orthodontist appointment. Luckily, the wisdom teeth have already been removed, so it is all done. We had the best day together, getting the giggles so badly that there were tears of laughter rolling down our faces. Who was in control of the car while this was all happening? Who knows!! I think it was meant to be me but I couldn't see much. The cars travelling either side of us must've thought we were a pair of nutters! lol

I did manage some special baking.....two batches of cupcakes. One for home and one for the Ag Society gang. I unfortunately missed our meeting on Friday night, but two rascal members (Chris and Neville) dropped by to take the goodies with them. I hear the President cautiously ate one of my cupcakes....He feared I may have sprinkled his with laxettes!!! Lol Would I do that?

One of the things in the world that warms my beautiful cardigan...Made in Italy.

On the productive side of the week, I am making my way through the knitting orders and have stitches on my needles making a hot water bottle cover. 

A deep purple, 8 ply yarn is the go here. There are many free patterns on the net. I have noticed that many of the patterns for the water bottle covers are in 10 ply. Probably not a favourite ply that I like, but hey.....any knitting is good knitting. lol

Another project on the order list is fingerless mittens and once again there are a squillion patterns to sink your teeth into. My pattern below is of course an 8 ply pattern and since I took the photo, I have completed the mitts. I will show them finished next post.
A fun trip to the local library saw me walk out with some pretty groovy books. This cute little craft book will be a good excuse to sit with a cuppa and browse.

Ok....I know, you guys can’t expect anything else now. You all know Italy runs through my veins. Lol. The good thing is that while I’m drooling over these books, I’m leaving everyone else in the house alone. 
I've just found a cute pattern to knit a Christmas elf. If you want to check out a sweet knitting blog, click here for some fun.
Image result for clip art knitted elf
I’m hoofing it out of here now. I can hear the kettle calling out to me, I can also hear that rotten ironing board screaming my name (I should change my name and not tell the ironing board).
Wishing you all the best weekend. Hope you’re doing things you love to do the most.

Cheers, Anita.


JoJo said...

Your new cardigan is lovely. And my stomach is growling looking at your cupcakes. I might have to make some tomorrow.

Maria said...

Ah as IF you would put laxatives in the cupcakes...Hahaha!!!!...

You are working on some lovely knitted projects. Great hottie cover and nice fingerless mittens. Ah what for? I need to keep my fingers warm

Jane Galley said...

That looks like a lovely book for you to work your way through :) I finished my second sock last night :)

Karen S said...

Very good of you to bake for the meeting even though you weren't there.
I can just imagine how snug those mittens would be on our cold mornings.
Enjoy your reading.

KERYN B said...

The cupcakes look yummy and could have used so fingerless mittens yesterday it was so cold here..

Anonymous said...

Hi Anita, A squillion patterns means we have to keep clicking! I love the purple, but I am old enough to appreciate it even more than when I was younger. . . according to the poem "When I Am Old, I Shall Wear Purple." The baking looks delicious and I think it's a great idea to change your name and not tell your ironing board. If it works, let me know.

Gillian said...

Delicious looking cupcakes. I try to fit in as many things as I can that I like doing but also have to respond to the calls of the ironing board, vacuum cleaner etc.


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