Sunday, January 11, 2015

Still crafting

A glorious sunset, a baby’s smile, a beautiful work of fine art. Divine essence is everywhere in the eyes of the heart.
Always on the look out for a new and easy headband pattern, I have again been lucky to come across another little cutie. It’s pretty amazing all the different styles and variations that are floating around out there. This one has a little twist in the front and is done in single rib stitch.

 I can’t remember where I got the pattern from but I did cast on 14 sts and 10 ply, work 32 rows rib. To do the twist I slipped 7 sts on to a cable needle and held at back of work and knitted the next 7 sts, then knitted the sts on the cable needle. Continue in rib st and cast off.. 

Here's something interesting for Aussie bloggers...After the bush fires in South Australia, the International Fund for Animal Welfare is calling for people to sew mittens for the koala bears whose little feet have been burnt in the fires. For all the details click here
Below is how mine have turned out. They are quick, simple and you can churn them out very fast. I will mention that when you down load the pattern make sure you adjust your printer to A4. It does mention it on the pattern, but it is not highlighted.

What have I been up to during my holidays?........
Made a cover for my note book

Gone to the library and found some super books 

Had another shot at crocheting. Love these cute 
buds? Click here for pattern.

Made a little owl to sell at the markets...
Admiring our little smiling cute.
Today is major sewing day. Very happy I have managed to blog early this morning, off to have breakfast and then into the sewing shed I go. 

Thoughts go out to our Aussie friends roughing it with the bush fires raging around the country. Beaming you heaps of love and strength.
Regards, Anita.


Kim said...

I can't think of spending one's holidays in a better way than fashioning oodles of pretties and spending time in a library! As ever you have been soooooo industrious. Love, love, love that cute li'l headband....I might have to knit this pretty. Happy 'making' in that shed of yours!

Primroses Attic said...

Anita. So sad about the Koalas.
I love your hairbans so pretty.
I must find time to go to the library.

Primroses Attic said...

Anita. So sad about the Koalas.
I love your hairbans so pretty.
I must find time to go to the library.

JoJo said...

Poor little koalas! Glad you are helping out!!!

Julie said...

Pleased to see you have been busy creating up a storm there Anita. Love all your new makes. Yes I saw on our news over here about the Koalas injured in the fires ... just terrible & bought tears to my eyes. Thats so lovely you can do something to help with the mittens. Have a great week :-)

Jane Galley said...

Shame they're needed, but the koala mittens are so sweet. Happy making

Karen S said...

Good to see you making the most of your holidays. Lovely idea with the headband. And the koala mittens are brilliant.
Yes, still too many fires. And in your state now!!

Gillian said...

Love your little crocheted buds. The headband looks good and very simple to make.


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