Sunday, January 18, 2015

Boy it's hot!!!

The busy bee teaches us two
lessons: one is not to be idle, and the other is not to get stung.
-Early American proverb
Good morning to you all! We’ve had such a busy morning already that I thought I would quickly pop in and post. With our temperatures being so hot already in the mornings, it is a wise choice to get as many outside chores done before it is impossible to do so.

The production line was a bit slow this week, due to the heat, in terms of crafting in my sewing shed but I did manage to get some things made.
            Here we go......
My knitted garden gnome sits proudly with his shaggy beard. A quick and easy knitting project using left over bits of yarn in 8 ply. Any of you wonder what to do with those unusual yarns you have left over that you can still use for something? This was a perfect choice here for the beard yarn. I managed to use what was left of this funny yarn without having to throw it out.

.......another head band. I think I have enough headbands made as a starter for the coming winter season. My plan for this year is to get ahead craft wise and I’m so far sticking to the plan. 

What I have enjoyed about the headbands is:                you can use your scraps up
        Cast on as many stitches as you like to
        cater for all sizes
        Add all sorts of embellishments to them

I bought this super little book for Heather the feather’s Christmas gift and I am looking through it now for some ideas. It’s loaded with great fun ideas.

I made this i pad holder using measurements from a friends i pad and will sell this at the markets. I will try my luck there and if it sells I will make more.

And.......I made this little i pod mini carry bag for when I’m at the gym so I can listen to my music and not worry where the pod has slipped while on the treadmill. Lol

I hope where ever you are the weather is treating you kindly....we’re in for a whopping 40C by Mr Weatherman. Hubby has just put chlorine in the pool for today’s swim. That’s where we’ll be.

Cheers, Anita.


JoJo said...

Well here it's currently 18*F at 10:45 pm. I am so not cut out for this bitter cold. Although by morning it should be into the high 40s with rain. I'm in no hurry for heat/humidity but it'd be nice not to have to bundle up to take the dogs out. Your little gnome is adorable!

Jane Galley said...

I'm not sure how you manage to do anything in that heat, I'm quite happy with the cold here :) Love your little gnome, his beard is fabulous.

Maria said...

It is a pleasent 29 here now but it is forecast for the 40s by next week.
Enjoy the pool.

Nice Gnome and headband.

Karen S said...

I think I would be living permanently in the pool with your temps.
Lovely goodies you have been making. great idea with the Ipad bag and the Ipod carry bag.
I think your gnome with his beard is so cute.
How long until the market stall?

Fiona said...

you are getting lots done in spiteof the high temps... we are not as high as that but it has certainly been hot here too... crazy crazy summer...

Val Spiers said...

Love the gnome. I have lots of remnants of funny yarns. I have tried a few things but the fuzz seems to overwhelm the shape of the project. I might just make a textured tea cosy from a combination of yarns.
It sure has been hot and it is the humidity here that I can't stand.
The iPad bag looks good. I am sure it will sell well. I have a giant pile of doll clothes for 18" dolls that I have made to test out my patterns. I am hoping I will be able to off load them at the Easter Fair this year. I am not too sure how popular the 18" doll is around here. I got mine from Aldi so I guess there must be a few around.
Stay Well,

Gillian said...

It's freezing here!!

Julie said...

Hi Anita, It sure is hot here too. Our hillsides are turning brown & crisp. Good thing its quite cool in my sewing room. Your new creations are just gorgeous & that book sure looks interesting that you gave Heather the feather :-) Hope you have another creative week Anita out of the hot sun.

Joy McD said...

You've been a busy bee! We have had a reprieve from the hot weather for just over a week... it's starting to heat up again now though.. how I long for summer to be over! xxx


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