Sunday, January 4, 2015

A head start.

A well spent day
Brings a happy sleep.

-Leonardo da Vinci.
Having completely left 2014 behind me, I’m now on a 

mission to get a head start on my projects before I get 

bogged last year! As I struggled through 

2014,on many levels, I kept thinking to myself ‘why 

didn’t you start this months ago’? I believe the only 

thing I managed to get right was to start my Christmas 

shopping and gift making in July. Having said that, I 

have decided one of my busiest times through the year 

is always through winter. Everyone is after mittens, 

scarves and head bands and I’m usually flat out trying 

to fill orders. So you know what?..........I’ve started already 

with head bands.

                                              How groovy are these?
One of my friends from gym gave me her cloth doll and 

asked if I could give her a make over ie new outfit, new

hair. I wish I had taken a photo of what she looked like

to start with. Little dolly now has new pants, shoes, 

petticoat, dress and hair. It was quite a job to remove 

the old hair which was hot glue gunned on to her 

head!!! Eekkk! I’m still going to add a bit of bling to

the bodice and maybe a beaded bracelet, or if I feel like

being saucy.....perhaps an anklet.

She’s so cute.
As we are in our summer and the days are pretty hot, I make my way out to the sewing shed in the mornings before it gets unbearable in there. I was wondering what to do with a lovely piece of fabric someone had given me a while back. I came up with a great idea.........a new skirt. I found a basic skirt pattern and added a small 3 inch ruffle to the bottom. Elastic waist....of course. Lol

It feels so nice on.
I plan to have a great week ahead.....Heather’s birthday is on Tuesday so I’m taking her out to morning tea out of kindness and revenge. Lol Yesterday Heather came over and allied with my against me they were, with Heather at the helm. I have a plan for that rat bag. Lol

You guys have a super duper week ahead, do whatever it is that makes you happy, create to your hearts content. I plan to do the same.
Cheers, Anita.       


Dolores said...

You do sound cheerful. I hope to have a productive week ahead.

JoJo said...

I had a productive new years day but the last 2 days I've been a slug, despite new cross stitch projects I would like to get moving on! I just got new walking shoes so I'd like to take some walks...hoping to hit the beach on Monday to look for glass and snowy owls.

Jane Galley said...

lol, I know how you feel. I've got a pile of projects out that need finishing, I thought I'd get them done when it was quiet and there were no orders waiting. By the look of it, they'll have to wait a bit longer. Love the skirt

Maria said...

Lovely headbands Anita.. The dolly looks fabulous but not too much of the saucy as I wear an anklet... LOL..

have a great pay back morning tea with Heather and wish her a Happy Birthday from me.

Mereknits said...

Love the doll makeover and your new skirt, I would wear that skirt in a second.
Hugs and Happy Week,

Gillian said...

Love your new skirt. Enjoy morning tea with Heather. The doll looks great with her make-over.

Karen S said...

You are a smart lady, Anita. Sometimes we do leave things too late. Planning ahead makes a lot of sense. Have a wonderful week and a great day with Heather.
We are in the middle of crazy thunderstorms here and it is HOT. Not a lot of sleep tonight!


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