Sunday, June 1, 2014

Surround yourself with people who
make you happy. When you’re
smiling on the inside, it
shows on the outside.
A wonderful hello to you all! This weekend in Western Australia is a lovely long weekend as we celebrate Western Australia Day. I am looking forward to playing catch up this long weekend won’t believe it.......I haven’t finished one of my projects this week!!! Eeekkk! Where the time has gone, I do not know. I do know that it was a mighty busy week with work, running around shopping, a couple of things popped up that I wasn’t prepared for and a trip to the city. That’ll knock me off my perch. Lol.
Several of my blogger friends emailed me and asked why I couldn’t go out to my sewing shed when it was raining, so I plan to answer that question. The pic below is of the front of my sewing shed and the door is open ......

and as you can see there is no verandah to the front of the shed. When it rains, the lovely rain comes straight in that door. If I round hubby up perhaps he can put a ‘lip’ over the front of the doorway (he gives me enough lip, it shouldn’t be hard for
My project that I have been working on though is a stripy pink and white cardigan for a special two year old girl. 

I have used 8 ply and size 8 needles. It is coming along nicely and I only have one sleeve and the neckline to work on. I should have it finished tonight.
Also..... what is this? A little bird I also started on but will have to finish. I found some left over blue 8 ply and couldn’t throw it away, so I made a bird. I will show and tell next post.
A friend of mine recently asked me if I realised how much I love chooks and cows. I asked them what makes them ask that question. Their eyes just travelled around my kitchen.....



...oh.....I get it! Lol
There are quite a few aren’t there!!

Some lovely donated yarn again and I couldn’t say no. It is as soft as fairy floss, truly. Another little outfit for some little baby coming up!

An interesting knitting book find at the local library.

Some cute garments in here.
Now, how is your weekend going? I hope absolutely amazing. We have clouds, grey and overcast here. What’s that you say? Bleak? Oh no. We also have a nice hot roaring fire, toasty warm house, kettle boiling and some baking about to start. Have a terrific weekend and happy stitching and/or knitting.
Cheerio, Anita.

 Together in St. Marco's Square, Venice.


Leanne said...

Great lot of photos there Anita, love the wool you are using and the collection of cows. Very cute.
I have my fire on today to and I'm about to bake as well, I'm doing a licorice slice, what are you cooking?

JoJo said...

Loved the pics of your cow and chicken collection! We're having a coolish spring up here which is fine by me. The longer the humidity holds off, the better!

Maria said...

Such a lovely stripped jumper for your special the pretty baby yarn.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Jane Galley said...

Someone is going to love that jumper. Enjoy your baking, I should do some this morning too

Joy McD said...

Happy WA Day! Love all your chooks and cows!!! xxx

Fiona said...

as always an entertaining and fun post.... enjoy your holiday today... I think we have one next week...

Narelle said...

Sounds like the perfect way to spend a damp long weekend :)

Karen said...

I know that rain restricts your time in the sewing shed, but isn't it wonderful to have the rain?
Sounds like you have had a very busy time and needed the extra day in the weekend to catch up.
The little cardigan is gorgeous in the pink and white.

katherine said...

Love your chook and cow collection Anita. A very cute jumper too. A long weekend for us here this weekend and I plan to make the most of it until work on Monday lol.


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