Sunday, June 22, 2014

It is sometimes enough for a friend to just “be there” and listen without saying a word.

Hey, hey!! A warm good morning to you all. It may be winter outside, but it’s warm in here! We’ve had a nice drop of rain, we’ve had sunshine and now we have the blue sky peaking’s glorious!

Last week I was bowled over with a cold that was impressive enough to make it difficult to even lift my head up!! Lol I’m on the come back trail.....I’m running on 6 cylinders, but I am a V8!!

I have managed to get hooked on headbands since I last posted. One of the kids at school was parading around in a colourful headband and I just had to investigate it. Here is my version......

Pretty cute hey?
The flower was much bigger on the original so I went looking on the net. I found a rather gorgeous flower I liked. Click here for the pattern to crochet the flower. The video clip is so helpful!!

I have been busy in my sewing shed plotting out my next design and project to hang in the library. I thought it fitting that I might make some teacups with numbers on them and make a mobile. I am always pining away for a cup of tea, perhaps this will help me at work if I can see the teacups.....could make it worse!! Lol

What about these little beauties

Not made by me but another lady made all these squares and is having difficulty with the black to attach all the squares together. I took them off her hands and when the squares are connected it will be a blanket to be raffled off to a local dance group.

I’m going to buzz off now to have a good look around the garden and see how it’s going out there. I did spot this.....
A bit of colour starting up in the bushes.
This is where all the native birds hang out and make a racket.

I hope your week ahead is a fantastic one for you, not long to go until I’m on holidays again. These holidays are fun as it’s cold and wet and I can stay home and get stuck into lots of craftwork.

See you again, Anita.


Jane Galley said...

Glad to hear you're on the mend. You've been busy with your pretty headbands, can't wait to see the tea cups

marina said...

looks like you are keeping your hands warm with lots of woolly crafting!

Fiona said...

you are keeping warm with all that wool... glad you are better.. these colds seem to have a real kick to them...

Laura M said...

Hi Anita - thanks for stopping by My House in Africa! It's pretty freezing here in SA too so that frost looks very familiar! x

JoJo said...

Does your foliage turn colour likes ours does in the USA (northern states only)?

Karen said...

Nothing worse than a rotten cold!! Good to know you are on the right side of it.
Love those headbands. What a great idea.
Hope you keep warm in that sewing shed!!

Maria said...

WOW love those colourful headbands with the cute flower.
Nice squares too.
Yes our gravel las are in flower too and I enjoy watching the birds fly in and out of them.Have a great week in the literary with your teacups.


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