Sunday, June 8, 2014

Learn to enjoy the little things –
there are so many of them.
A big hello to you all! This week I had a pretty good run with my craft work this week. I decided to have a toy week and work away on a couple of little projects to take to the library. Meet Jill......
Miss Jill
Miss Jill has a felt face with button eyes, a stitched on happy smile and gold woollen hair. A cheery gold hat sits nicely on her head (to keep the sun off her face). She’s having a little time in the garden before spending lots of inside time at the library. Lol
Mr Teddy

Mr Teddy, who is about 6 inches tall is going to join Miss Jill in the library. He was made out of left over flannel that I was happy to finally use up.

Someone gave me this one ball of unusual yarn and told me to make something with it. Now....what to do??? 

Well. I tried knitting the yarn on its own...nope, no good. I decided if I added another yarn of similar colour that it would add volume to whatever I was going to make. Success! I added 30 stitches onto No.8 knitting needles and went for it. You guessed it.....a cowl. 

I added 30 stitches onto No.8 knitting needles and went for it. You guessed it.....a cowl. The colours in the photo really don’t do it justice, because it is nicer in real life. It reminds me of lots of little marsh mellows if you see me wearing it and I’m chewing away....don’t stop me! Lol

More knitting????? Why of course!

 A little jumper for Jaxon is in the making. The pattern says it’s for a 1 year old, but my, it looks big so far. I will keep going as the yarn is lovely to knit with.

A bit of stitching going on too. Just can’t help myself at all. I’m going to enjoy this very overcast and cold Sunday finishing off this little project.  

The words in the little phrase at the start of my post is a reminder for me to never forget the small things in life add up. The people I work with are so good at complimenting and thanking each other for doing the smallest of things. I have really warmed to getting compliments for helping at different times, it makes you feel very yummy inside. I have learnt to do the same back now too. How do you feel about the little phrase I have found?
Happy sewing and knitting!
Cheers, Anita.


Fiona said...

lots of different projects on at the same time.... a wonder you don't get them mixed up... that yarn is rather fun...

Maria said...

Sew many sweet things for the literary and I love your new knitted projects..

Fabulous phrase Anita.

Narelle said...

Miss Jill and Mr Teddy will be lovely additions to the library.
The blue wool is such a gorgeous colour and your cowl looks lovely and warm :)

Jane Galley said...

Love Jill and I'm sure they will be a hit at the library. Love that jumper too. As they say, he'll grow into it ;)

JoJo said...

Your projects are adorable! Are those toys to be given away at the library or for display?

Julie said...

Hi Anita, gosh you have been churning out some great new creations there. I love them all, especially your new knitting projects & love the wool you are using. Yes I love that little saying too & like you, I am learning to take compliments myself now as well as handing them out. Have a great week Anita x0x

Karen said...

Great collection of projects. Lovely items for the library. I know the kids will love them.
Great work with your knitting as always.The colours in the yarn for Jaxon are gorgeous.
Very cute stitchery, too.
Yes, I think the say at the start is perfect. Lots of little things do add up. I think some people expect big all the time and are disappointed. Take notice of the small - there is lots of it and it sure does warm the heart!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you work with some lovely people, beautiful knitting as always.

katherine said...

It's beautiful knitting weather. Just about to finish the heals on the last two socks! Love what you have done with the unusual yarn.


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