Saturday, June 1, 2013

Long weekend.

Far out brussel sprout!!!

Hi everyone!! I've been missing for a while, just flat out with my craft work. I have been knitting some little stockings for our aussie soldiers deployed in Afghanistan and they are sweet!! When you finish making them you put a packet of lifesavers inside them as a Christmas gift. I googled stockingforsoldiersproject and it takes you to facebook of all places. I have made some in garter stitch and some in stocking stitch and I must warn you, the garter stitch ones come out alot smaller.

Stockings for our soldiers
In the sewing projects I have made these sweet little bag tags for a sweet girl named Ashlee who works at the same school I do. Ashlee was kind enough to let me use a couple of her bags to travel to Italy with, so I have made her these tags as a gift.

A gift for Ashlee

Our weather has really cooled down and the fire hasn't stopped burning!! lol. With our lovely Western Australia day long weekend, I am playing catch up for lost time as I have been under the weather for the last couple of weeks. I have a skirt and dress to put zips in, just finished a short sleeved jacket that I need to stitch buttons on to and small projects I hope to start.
I have a few more lovely pics to share with you from our Italy trip.....I love Italy!!!!
4 darlings!!
 The Pantheon
 The amazing Spanish steps with my honey!!!
 Approaching the Colosseum
 Have a wonderful weekend and be happy and stay safe. Cheers, Anita.


Maria said...

Fabulous idea the wee stockings Anita. Beautiful gift for your friend.
More great Italy photos..
We waited for you at the Craft Show. Hope we didn't miss you and you were waiting at another door. should have exchanged phone nos...

Manda - Handmade with Love said...

Love the stockings Anita! And what wonderful idea!!

katherine said...

Love the tags and the photos Anita. Those little stockings are a wonderful idea for the soldiers too.

Karen said...

Great work with the stockings and the tags.
Enjoy your long weekend. It sounds like coming home didn't agree with you if you ended up sick! Or maybe it is the shock of turning cold. Keep that fire burning!!
Love the pics from your trip. It must have been hard to stop your jaw from dropping all the time with all the amazing buildings and scenery!

Val Spiers said...

Lots of cute stockings. Well done.The tags are lovely too. Great pictures around Rome.

marina said...

what a great idea for the mini stockings.
lovely photos of your trip.
very cute bag tags too.


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