Sunday, June 16, 2013

Beautiful Sunday

There is much wisdom that

may be learned before a peat fire.

-Ellen Thompson,  A  Book of Hours

Good morning to you all.  We have woken up to a very chilly morning but I want to be happy and  happiness is....
A delicious breakfast
Knowing the spinach quiche are ready 10 minutes before everyone else does
Axel Munthe’s villa (Italy)
Who Who....I can see some owls around here!!

I was given some cute felt blocks from Fiona and I knew they’d turn into something fantastic. Perhaps an owl mobile would be just the trick. I have made six cute little owls measuring about 8in x 6in each and I will be adding some wooden stars and flowers to the project. Today I will be looking for some long sticks to hang them from. You will see it when it is finished. Many thanks Fiona, the felt was much appreciated...oh....and loved!

Thinking the library walls needed a little bit of help, I thought a nice Welcome banner would help brighten the place up.....

It turned out about 5ft long and 12 in wide. It is hanging not far from my desk. I used bits of leftover material from other projects and just appliquéd the letters and flowers on.

More knitting?  Absolutely. An old vintage pattern for a cute cardigan was the go. The great thing about this was that there was hardly any stitching up, only around the armholes. Great.
I’m off now to keep being happy. What is making you happy today? Have a great Sunday.

Cheers, Anita.


laurajane said...

Great "happy" post.Breakfast looks yummy.
I especially like the welcome banner,been meaning to make a welcome sign for my home or ages,still havnt got round to it.Enjoy the rest of your day.xx

Karen said...

I don't mind the chilly mornings if there is a bit of sunshine later in the day.
The Welcome banner looks wonderful - great way to greet all visitors.
Great fun with the felt!
And more lovely knitting.
Only a few weeks until the holidays!

Maria said...

Oh that looks like a delicious brekky
Nice welcome banner and. Cute baby cardigan.
Enjoynplying itchy our felt that Fiona gave you

Fiona said...

lots of lovely projects... i do love, love your welcome banner and so glad the felt is being useful... your owls are just gorgeous...

Charlie and Wendy said...

Such a lovely post, I love how you determine to be happy and your breakfast looks yummy. Lovely projects too! Wendy xx

Catherine said...

Yummy breakfast, I love fruit with pancakes (and cream!). I have looked back on your earlier posts and enjoyed your pictures of Italy, beautiful country. can you tell me the name of the town where you found the gorgeous building hidden down a side street? its picture appeared below the one of the leaning tower of Pisa.

Thank you for commenting on my (BIG Knit) blog. I received an e mail of your comment although it did not appear on the blog. It may be just the time lapse but some people have had problems with commenting. I would be very grateful, and it would help me solve a problem, if you would let me know if you had any difficulty. Best wishes, Catherine


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