Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tell me where is fancy bred,

Or in the heart or in the head?
-William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice
Good morning to you all. We have a sunny Sunday morning happening here in our part of the world, just the sort of weather to get you in the mood for knitting or sewing. I have finally finished my baby blanket that has taken me forever to make. I loved the pattern of the blanket and enjoyed knitting it to the very end. The edging is done in a delicate lace pattern that was very simple but effective.
Delicate baby blanket
Yesterday I found some material that I'd forgotten all about and thought it would make a nice table cover for one of the book display desks at the library, so I got stuck into some sewing and did just that.
Table cover
I had a walk around the garden yesterday and discovered the front yard is busting with pretty roses. I'm having a bit of trouble settling down from our trip to Italy and seeing how bright and colourful the front yard is has helped settle me down. Italy had so much beauty that everything else is hard to compare it with. Slowly I'll settle.
I have some more photo's from our trip to share.....
Tower of Pisa

 A beautiful gem of a building tucked away in the tiniest back street ever. Could you believe this is hidden away? 

More of beautiful Italy
Well I'm out of here to go and enjoy that lovely weather we are having. Can't wait for next week end to catch up with some of my blogging friends at the craft show in Perth.  For now have a wonderful Sunday and see you soon.


Maria said...

What a beautiful delicate looking shawl you have knitted..
Great fabric for the library table cover..
How do you frame your photos???
See you Saturday at the Craft Fair..

creations.1 said...

Oh your shawl is beautiful - so fine and delicate. Well done!

katherine said...

Your baby shawl looks beautiful. Love seeing more lovely pics of your holiday too.

marina said...

Looks like you have been busy too, but travelling!
Love your photos of Italy.
I have visited Pompei and was absolutely overwhelmed by it. So much history it's amazing.
welcome back

Jane Galley said...

What a beautiful blanket, the edging is so delicate, I love it

Karen said...

Your baby blanket is really pretty. Such a lovely pattern.
And those roses are looking a treat.
Don't you wish you could bring home some of the gardens and buildings from your trip!! Either that, or save up for the next one!

Fiona said...

your baby shawl is amazing... just beautiful....
Enjoy the craft fair ..... and thanks for the lovely pictures of your holiday... that building is lovely...

Lynne said...

Pretty baby blanket. Love that little building tucked away in the back streets!

Anthea said...

Hi Anita, gorgeous garden busting with roses there, now wonder you love them! I hope you are feeling a bit more settled now back at home.
The travel pics are wonderful, yes Italy is one postcard after another, isn't it?!


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