Sunday, March 24, 2013

Toys and knitting.


Hello, I have been a busy budgie this week. A non-stop production line of toys has happened
 and it doesn't feel like it's going to stop any time soon. My latest couple of toys.....Mr Alien..
A bright knitted teddy, destination - school.
In the knitting department, another cute little pink top for lovely Savannah, my little niece who is as cute as a button. This is a pattern from the book Heirloom baby knits by Deborah Newton. To be honest some of the new knitting books are hard for me to follow instructions, but this book is fantastic to travel by while you're trying to read the instructions. You should be getting this little cute cardie soon Savannah, when Uncle Pixie drops it off for you. xx
Oops!!! Another special cardi for Savannah.
This pattern is found in an older book called The baby knitting and crochet book ISBN 0600391280. This book is an oldie but a beauty, you will find everything in here. Please don't notice that there are no buttons, it is typical of me...there will be some soon. lol
I have just been reading a frightful but inspiring book about  Rwanda!!

Truly an amazing book. If you can get through what those people did I reckon you could pretty much get through anything. My hubby and son Cory are still over in South Australia with go karting and they tell me that the country side (other than the go kart track!!) is magnificent. Enjoy yourself guys and all the best to you Cory with your racing.
I'm buzzing off now to do some sewing in my shed before it warms up too much. The weather has cooled down considerably but it can still be stuffy in my shed. More toys to sew? Bags perhaps...the world is my oyster. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I do believe the Easter bunny will be hopping around some time soon.
Cheers, Anita.


Lynne said...

Cute cardigans. Do you happen to have the Thomas the Tank Engine jumper pattern by any chance? I think I gave mine away when DD was no longer a toddler!

It's warm here - March has been much warmer than February! Go figure! Today was 34°C! On 1 March we were wearing tracksuits; today I have the aircon on and I'm still wearing shorts and a singlet top!

Jane Galley said...

You have been busy. Your niece is a very lucky girl, she'll love her new cardigans

Wendy said...

wow, you get so much done! that monster is just fabulous!

I have read that book, it really upset me.

Karen said...

Hi Busy Bee. I'm Back!
Good to see you still busy and glad to read that the temps are down a bit. Love the little outfits for your niece!!

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely toys, really love the monster! And your knitting is beautiful.

marina said...

such cute toys and love those little cardigans. I think little hand knits look so adorable on babies and toddlers.
Well done.

marina said...

just read Lynne's request about a thomas the tank enginge jumper pattern, I have one if you can't find yours. would be happy to send a copy.

Melody said...

Happy Easter thank you for visiting me as it led me to your lovely blog.


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