Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

The laughter of a child is
the light of a house
-African proverb
Hello to you all. While my hubby and son have been away I have used the extra time to investigate different ideas for my show entries and to get some craft work done. I have also been asked to make some toys for the school office and have started this weekend off with one of my favourites.......
Mrs Ladybird
also this little doll made out of left over bits.
Pretty dolly
It's not long to go now and we're off on our trip to Italy. We can hardly wait and I thought it would be great to make some name tags to put on our bags. Fiona put me on to the Homespun magazine for a bag tag pattern which I adjusted slightly by stitching names on to calico and sewing it together. Many thanks for the tip Fiona, they are terrific.
Name tags
I know I pretty much tease my friend Heather to the ends of the earth but she truly is a great friend. Heather was kind enough to share some of her buttons with me, which to us is equivalent to sharing the lotto winnings. lol.
Super cute buttons
A great find at the library....can't wait to make some of these.
Great book
I will now head off to make sewing shed once again with a hot cup of tea to go. I would like to wish you all a Happy Easter and hope the weekend is special for you. I have hubby and Cory missing this year at Easter as they are in South Australia, so I hope they take care and it won't be many days to go before I pick you both up from the airport. Good luck with the go karts tomorrow Cory. Big kisses to Pixie.
Happy Easter to you all
Cheers, Anita


Narelle said...

You've been making the most of some quiet time ... lovely finishes :)

Val Spiers said...

The little dolls are very cute. The book looks good. She has a blog too. Have a nice Easter.

Lynne said...

Lots of fun projects there. Happy Easter to you too.

busybusybeejay said...

You have had fun.Happy Easter.Barbara

Leanne said...

Lovely projects Anita, I love the name tags, such a good idea.
Happy easter.

Fiona said...

Lots of lovely goodies and great name tags... have a lovely Easter... looks like you might be making a few felt things...

Sandra :) said...

Cute finishes, Anita - especially those luggage tags! Italy!!! My husband is Italian, and I've never been there. Would love to go there with hubby and our kids one day!

Cath said...

Happy Easter Anita, If you pop over to my blog, I have some news for you!
Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs\
oh gosh, this sounds like a spam comment. I have also sent you an email.

Nadine said...

WOW, Anita, you've been working A LOT! I love, love E-VE-RY-THING... with a special look at the smiling doll, oh she's SO CUTE!

HAPPY EASTER to you & your family, my friend!


Karen said...

Pleased to see you making the most of your alone time. Looks like your goodies are in high demand.
The luggage tags are a great idea!
That felt book is full of fun. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...
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