Sunday, March 10, 2013

Farm animals.

Just one simple act of kindness
might make someone’s day –
or even a new friend.

Hello to you all.  I have had a productive week this week in many ways and I have managed to finish many of my projects. I will tease you all a bit with these farm animals. 

What’s this????
I haven't finished the project just yet but today I think I might get the other piece done. I will show you in the next post that I do.  I have cut out animals from materials that I've had forever, stitched them to gingham and stuffed them. On the knitting front I have made this gorgeous little top for Savannah, though it will be too big for her yet I couldn't resist it.
For Savannah

 More baby knitting. This is in 8 ply and if you would like the pattern dig back through my older posts it is there somewhere!! lol.
The cute pattern I knitted Savannah's top in comes from this book. I found it at the local library and boy, it has some ripper patterns in it.

Great knitting book
Last weekend Cory bought his first car and in typical form and boy style Brandon and Cory went to get our other Corey to go for a spin and test it out. Then they came home all excited, turned on the music and started cleaning the car.
Boys and their cars 
You can only see one of them but trust me, they're all in that car!! I'm off now to finish 'that' project and enjoy what is left of the weekend. It is much cooler here today so everyone is full of energy.  Chat soon to you all and have a great weekend.


creations.1 said...

The knitted top is beautiful! Amazing what treasures we find in unexpected books sometimes!!I know all about boys and their toys..... I have 4 of my own!! Have some great memories from those 'new toy' times!!lol

Charlie and Wendy said...

Those animals look interesting! Your knitting is gorgeous, lovely patterns.

Jane Galley said...

Oh, you have been busy, that's a lovely little cardigan, and it's good to have them ready for her to grow into

Val Spiers said...

Gorgeous knitting. I love that colour. The pillows look very cute. There is such a pile of them.

Fiona said...

Such pretty knitting and the little farm animals look such fun... the first car is the sweetest????

pattas said...

I am loving all your sewing ideas, the grandies would love the cushions :))
I love the library , so many wonderful books for crafts to get lost in :)) and these little jackets are sure to be a winner..
I am so pleased you are having a cooler day. The heat just saps away the energy..
Thanks for stopping by today :))
hugs pat ..

Wendy said...

I think this might be a case of "great minds think alike"!?

Lovely knitting


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