Sunday, May 27, 2012

Chemo caps

There is memory

In the forest.

-Margaret Widdemer, The factories.

I have been making chemo caps for a dear friend of mine and have been lucky enough to find some really nice patterns on the net. I read up about what sort of yarn to use for chemo caps as a head without hair is very tender, and you need to find the softest yarn possible. Baby yarn and knitting with cotton seems to be the best option. I have made about 4 caps so far and have still several to make. At the moment I am knitting in the round a lovely cap called the Mulberry cap (as shown in my last posting). Last night I whipped up this cute beanie with a twist band. Heather and I went for a special trip to a neighbouring town to buy the brand that is lovely and soft. The brand is Dazzle.

Knit one, pearl one.

I found some nice sturdy material at Vinnie’s and made this beanbag cover for the library bean bags. I still need to make one more. I haven’t been doing much in the way of sewing as the knitting is taking up most of my time.
 I’m still waiting on one special little parcel to arrive so I can hand over a blue parcel of goodies. There is something in the water around this neck of the woods as I hear there is another baby on the way!! I have also made these cute little bootees for a little prem baby who keeps kicking off his bootees that are way too big for him.

Just for baby
We are enjoying the lovely warmth of autumn sunshine today. The mornings are pretty nippy and so are the nights, but it wasn’t too long ago I was complaining of the heat. Winter will be upon us soon and more excuse to keep knitting. I couldn’t resist taking this shot of a balloon going over head, what I didn’t realize was that I managed to get a rainbow in the picture as well. It is a common thing around our parts to see balloons going over. We are at the beginning of ballooning season and sometimes the balloons are so low you can hear the people speaking to each other in the basket!!

I’m off to do a bit of afternoon knitting and watch the football derby on TV, Eagles and Fremantle Dockers!! Go the Eagles! Take care and see you another time.
Cheers, Anita.


Country Whispers said...

I used to crochet caps for my mother in law when she was going through chemo. Her head used to get so cold without hair so they really helped to keep her warm.
Lovely booties too!

Wendy said...

What a great cause and a lovely hat. Have you tried knitting with bamboo or merino? Both are wonderfully soft.


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