Sunday, November 6, 2011

Animal crafts

This week I have been concentrating on making animals, oh and finishing my Christmas table runner. I did have a giggle at work this week, one of the teachers asked if these were pigs?

I'm sorry but I can see a ton of stirring starting up here. This crew at work don't take much to start up, so this is going to be great fun. I did snicker at the teacher after she had said that, and the mirth started up on the spot. We'll see where this leads us.

Heather came over to show me her frog, made from the latest Homespun magazine, left the magazine with me, and I couldn't help myself.
The frog below on the left is Heather's and I love the material she used. I found some green and white material for mine. Both of the frogs live at the library and have been carted around by the children.

I did manage to finish my Christmas table runner, that I must say, I'm very happy with how it turned out. It is quite long, over 100cm and sits well. I have taken it to work to use as part of my display.

Each end has a stitchery on it and as red is my favourite colour, it is done in red thread. I saw a table runner in the Homespun magazine and made my own design, using leftover pieces of Christmas material.

Today, I have already done some sewing, before even eating any breakfast. I have bags of scraps and over many months, stitching them up to make a table cloth. I now have to do some housework and feed the chooks. The weather here today is a bit iffy, dark clouds and patches of blue, it will be another one of those days. Take care and enjoy what is left of the weekend. Kind regards, Anita.


Country Whispers said...

Cute animal creations and that Christmas runner is beautiful.

Karen said...

Animal farm and a a Christmas display in the library? Not Bad!
Are you counting down the days yet?

webbsway said...

I am a visitor and I LOVE both of your projects! They really do inspire! Thank you for sharing.

Sue said...

I hope you didn't tell those little lambs they'd been mistaken for pigs! The nerve of some people.

Val said...

Great effort with the table runner. It is good when pieces can be used up to make a new project. It looks lovely. The frogs are very cute and the sheep are just adorable.

Vickie said...

oh dear me pigs you have been very busy-lovely completed items,cheers Vickie


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