Sunday, October 2, 2011

Introducing Chester

The difference between
stumbling blocks and
stepping stones
is how I use them.

I would love you all to meet Chester, my new rooster. I'm not sure what sort of bantam he is, but he is cute. The girls think so too and since Chester has been in the chook house with them, no more arguments. He was kindly given to me by a farmer friend of mine.

Chester has a stubbie kind of tail instead of the traditional long straight-out-there type. He even has feathers on the outsides of both feet, oh and did I mention he is cute? The girls had started to squabble since Benjamin died and the presence of another male has stopped that.

On the last day of school I went into the staffroom and discovered a tea party going on. There was Mr. Octopus and some other of the library toys with a tea set on the table. The culprit(s) set them up and I was so happy to see Mr. Octopus. That lot had no mercy for me at all. I had many suspects in mind and the one I suspected the most finally fessed up. I do hope they all believe in the old eye for an eye. tee hee hee. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the tea party as I had no idea it was on!! lol.

The school holidays have now started and my full-time stint is at an end. I now plan to enjoy the time off and try to finish up the knitting and crocheting I am doing for the volunteers traveling to Botswana. I am very happy with this rather cute blanket I have crocheted using odd bits of wool. It would fit a regular sized baby cot and someone will get good use from it.

I forget to show my stitchery I purchased from our annual show. Through the grapevine, on the day of the show, I heard about a craft stall that was there and that I must see it. I am so glad I had only taken a small amount of money to the show as I would've spent the lot just at the craft stall!! A beautiful Bronwyn Hayes stitchery.

I will start the stitchery once all the knitting and crocheting has been finished. I now plan to spend the rest of this glorious Sunday doing rounds of the backyard, sewing and tidying up. Not so much with the tidying up bit. I managed to get a photo of a busy bee going about his business in my lavender bush.

I do hope you are having a lovely weekend. Well done to the Geelong footie team for winning this year. Regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Happy holidays!!! I can't believe your octopus is back! Wonderful. That's a great way to end the term. Looks like Chester is keeping everyone in line.
Have fun with all your sewing and knitting over the break.

Sue said...

Chester is a handsome fellow. I love his dandy trousers!

Swamp Dog said...

Chester is a fine, handsome fellow. I'm sure the girls will enjoy his company! (Wink,Wink)


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