Sunday, September 25, 2011

Viva Botswana

Happiness is like a butterfly,
the more you chase it,
the more it eludes you,
and if you turn your attention
to other things,
it comes and sits
softly on your shoulder.
Henry David Thoreau.

I have met some rather interesting people. A team of people travel to Botswana on missionary projects and a couple of years ago this team was responsible for building a school and delivering much needed clothing. That year several of my friends were asked to knit beanies, which we did lovingly. This year these amazing people are off again to help another community there with clothing and other help.

Unfortunately, I got a late start but have knitted several items that will go with them.

With all the wool given to me this year, I have started to crochet all the little balls of leftovers to make a blanket. The African baby top, that is available free online, has come in very handy at this point. I have knitted it some of the wool given to me and it has come out bigger than usual. Still cute none the less.

A friend of mine who is involved with this amazing group of people came over and shared the photo's that were taken on one of those trips to Botswana. I saw some of the beanies I had knitted and it felt rather strange to think were my beanies are. They were in Botswana! The photo's were very raw photo's, the way these people live, mud huts, hot dry land, no running water, salt of the earth, but smiles on the faces of these people.

I realize that sometimes when we are complaining about the water not running from the tap fast enough, or it's too hot, too cold (which I myself am an offender!), we are very fortunate.

Hoping the week ahead brings you all you could wish for. Kind regards, Anita.


Karen said...

Your work is always so lovely. You are supporting a wonderful cause.

Wendy said...

Good on you! Well done for supporting this deserving cause!


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