Monday, October 17, 2011

A day at the Toodyay show

On Saturday Heather and I took a nice slow drive over to the historical town of Toodyay. It was the time of year for their annual show and it was fantastic. We went through the craft pavilion of course and were captured by this wall hanging that children had made at school. The dolls are made from calico, a few stars and a border, how great is that!

I was so happy to see that someone I know had won first prize with her gorgeous crocheting. There were so many entries in the crocheting and knitting section, not to mention all the quilts.

I didn't remember to see who was the clever person that made this quilt, but isn't it interesting? There are so many different idea's out there and so many talented people.

Of course Heather spotted the thimbles. I had to have a good look too.

This darling creation was made in 1927 and she is a member of the CWA. Looks like someone I went to the show with!!

Thanks for letting me share these photo's with you, I really enjoyed the day out with Heather and looking at all the creative work that people do.  I have a cute little something to show you next posting. Hope the week ahead is a happy one for you. Kind regards, Anita.

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Karen said...

Looks like some interesting displays. I do love the kids effort with all the little dolls. I can see them having a wonderful time making all of it.


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