Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mr. Swagman

Life is not
measured by the number
of breaths we take, but
by the numbers of moments
that take our breath away.
-George Carlin.

Unable to believe how fast another week has gone by, I can't believe it has been some time since my last posting. I've been head down tail up with organising a quiz night, and also consumed with excitement over Mr. Swagman. I have been given a knitted toy book to look at and when I spotted the swagman, I knew I had to knit him up.

One of my workmates bought some wool for me and return for knitting her some tea cosies. The colours looked suspiciously like Fremantle Dockers colours, and as she looks the Dockers I decided to knit the swagman in Dockers colours. I'm hoping to knit him up again in more traditional colours and enter him in the show.

Still found the time to knit some baby gear. There are baby girls popping up everywhere right now, must be something in the water.

I had a lovely surprise from Sue, a parcel with goodies......treasure actually!! Lovely buttons. Thanks a heap Sue, I just adore buttons, more than Heather does. Heather is a great friend of mine, but I have more buttons.
 We have a lovely spring-like day outside today, yesterday was much the same. Last night it rained and it's a crack up when it rains at night and is sunshine during the day. It's almost every one's dream. I'm on the prowl today near the chook house. One of my chooks has started eating her eggs and any one elses. I have just put a big bowl of shell grit in the pen, apparently they are not getting enough calcium so they start eating their eggs. Don't want this to happen on a regular basis.

My three darlings have all gone for a drive to get petrol for Brandon's car. He's still wagging his tail about his new car. He's a pretty good driver, now Cory can't wait to drive. Gulp!! Have a great weekend one and all. Kind regards, Anita.


Sue said...

I'm sure you'll knit up something quickly to put those buttons on. Love your swaggie too.

Vickie said...

Mr Swagamn looks mighty dapper,well done.Oh my how rude of the chook to eat one of youyr staple foods...enjoy your day,cheers Vickie

Karen said...

Looks like you are working on wearing out those knitting needles!! More great work. Good luck chasing those chooks. Did you ever find that octopus from the library?

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Now I see Mr Swagman needed 4 corks so does that mean 4 bottles of wine?
Happy days.

p.s Did you see our coffee shop closed?


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