Sunday, August 28, 2011

Annual Show

What lies behind us and
what lies before us
are tiny matters
compared to what lies
within us.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The excitement of our Annual Agricultural Show is stirring wildly inside me. I love all the work, gathering, thought process and the time to finish all the projects I wish to enter in the show. The whole atmosphere is tingling, I'm odd I guess. Seeing the kids reaction when they enter the show grounds and I imagine to myself how big everything looks through children's eyes. I had this weekend to myself and managed to finish some things, get half way through some things and start new ones as well.

A cute knitted shoulder bag and matching glass case below. I have lined it with soft white material and top stitched the material to the knitted bag.
I have decided to make a couple of those special dolls without the wings. The first edition of Homespun has this pattern in it and it is a favourite of mine. It was designed by Wendy Brigg and I'm sure glad Wendy came up with this great design. I had made another doll using the same material but I've added a big blue button to this one.

I am waiting for the paint to dry on her feet and I still need to add her bandanna. The doll below needs the same gear and this photo came out a bit dark. These two girls will be prizes at our Quiz Night we are holding for the school. That is just around the corner.

Well I'm off now to spend some special time with my tribe. Pixie and Cory had a good stretch of go karting this weekend, so they're mellowing out. Will probably catch up with you guys next weekend.
Kind regards, Anita.

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Karen said...

Keep the great work happening. I think at this rate can just about hold a show of your own.
I love Wendy Briggs' designs but she doesn't sem to be doing them any more.
Don't you just love having some time to yourself on weekends? Not all of it, just some!


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