Sunday, August 14, 2011

Getting ready

It's a slow turning wheel
but it does turn.

Slowly but surely, I have been making and gathering items to enter in our Annual Agricultural Show. On top of the bedroom cupboard is a collection of handmade dolls, toys and bags just waiting to pop out and be looked at. Even though there has been a flow of babies around here, and I've been knitting like mad, I still managed to keep going with my own pieces of work. This morning I finished Mr. Bunny and have loaded my knitting needles with stitches just waiting to be Mrs. Bunny.

There is also a baby bunny to make and I will just have to be patient to finish them all. I noticed at last year's show, there wasn't much in the way of toys and dolls, so that is my plan for this year. Below is a knitted child's bag, with cute lazy daisy stitching around the holes. I knitted this in 8 ply and it can be filled with a satin cushion stuffed with pot pourri. The handles are just chain crocheted.

Once again my photography skills have let me down, but this cute little bib is a free download from the net. The picture on the bib is a cow and though you can't see it in this photo, you can see it on the real thing!!!
 On my return to work a few weeks ago, I also gave Hannah her finished scarf. I just needed to make some chain stitched flowers and sew them on with buttons. Hannah also helped make this scarf and when I gave it to her, she just loved it.

I can see rain clouds outside my window and the wind is blowing like mad. I was a little annoyed to have woken up so early this morning (4.30am), I have a few things on my mind but in some ways it was good. My ironing is done, Mr Bunny was completed and I only have two small loads of washing to go. The way the wind is today, I may have this washing all dried and folded too. Enjoy this lazy old Sunday, and may you get lots of stitching done. Kind regards, Anita. P.S. They still haven't returned Mr. Octopus yet!! lol.


Sue said...

So much knitting, you're a whizz at it. Do I recognise those purple buttons....heehee

Maria said...

You have been very busy clicking those needles. Great finishes.

Karen said...

What! Still no octopus? Maybe you will get it back as a Christmas gift!
Great to see you supporting your local show. Most important to keep them going!


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