Sunday, May 22, 2011

I want to bite my sewing machine!!!!

We shall never know
all the good that
a simple smile can do.
- Mother Teresa

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I have been given the Versatile Blogger award from Dawn over at Quilts and pieces. Thanks sweetpea for choosing my blog and how funny to sit and think about seven things about myself that people might not know. After you all read the seven things I have selected about myself, you may all be a little concerned about me. Giggle giggle.

Seven things about myself.
1. I eat avocados like they are chocolate
2. I can't eat my tea if there is a pen or pencil on the table, it makes me feel ill. (strange but true)
3. I wear contact lenses - great when you are having a shower, you can see what you are washing!!
4. I love squeezing pimples - almost anybody's (LOL)
5. I am a prankster
6. At all times throughout my marriage, I have managed to turn my husband's hair grey and make it fall out in some patches.
7. When I see lights on in a house that has been vacant for a very long time, I get the biggest, buzziest warm feeling and I don't know why.

Now I have shared seven things with you about myself and you are probably thinking who is this cuckoo,'s just me.

Over the week I have been making a Mammy doll and though the photo doesn't do it justice, she has turned out rather cute. I have used gingham blue and a dotty blue material for her dress and apron. She also has a headband in the matching colour. As always I have made some knickers for her, I can't cope if a doll doesn't have knickers on. Pretty good for me since, as a child, I always used to throw my knickers away because I couldn't stand to have them on. I used to chuck them to the chooks, flush them down the toilet, anything to get rid of them!!!! I don't do that now!!

This is what I was working on when my sewing machine decided to not work for me. Another Mammy doll, she is much bigger than the dolly shown above. The one above is about 30 inches high, this one is about 47 inches. I have used some lovely red printed material for her dress. I found the pattern in an old Homespun of mine.

She will have a stunning stitched collar and pretty heart shaped pocket attached to her. I will show her all finished in the next posting I do.
In the knitting department, I am almost on the homeward run with a teacosy that is looking real flash. I can't wait to show won't have to wait long. Today being Sunday, I am going to finish all the chores that I should have done yesterday, however I was busy wanting to bite that sewing machine of mine. I reminded myself that patience is a virtue. Ha Ha.

Hope the rest of the weekend is fun for all of you. Kind regards, Anita.


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh I hope that sewing machine starts working. That blue and white mammy doll is the cutest thing! Love your 7 things and had to laugh about the knickers!

Val said...

7 interesting things you have shared. I think I must be very ordinary :(
Love the mammy dolls and the clothes lined up for the big one will be lovely. Hope your machine is up and running soon. Oh! and I can't wait to see the tea cosy :)

Karen said...

The blue mammy is so lovely and I think the red one is going to look great, too.
Good to hear you are better at keeping your knickers on now you have grown up!

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Very interesting facts there girl. Love the Mammy dolls.
Happy days.


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