Sunday, March 13, 2011

Raffle gifts

Hope is the
parent of faith.
-Cyrus Augustus Bartol.

Lately I have been busily working on raffle items for the
swimming carnival at the school I work for. I thought three
items would be nice to raffle off and this weekend I finished
the projects I had been working on. I always have to make one of the special cloth dolls I enjoy making so much.
I had purchased this material on a trip to Collingully Barn with Heather, my little partner in crime. We had spent alot of time choosing the right matierals. I very much fancy the material used on the pants of the doll.
The pattern is from my favourite Australian Homespun magazine, the very first volume, but I have not included the wings for this doll. The cup/mug carrier is also a favourite pattern I do on a regular basis and this pattern is found in another favourite magazine of mine Australian Country Threads Vol. 2, No. 12.
The cup would have the person's name on it where I have stitched 'my' and in the centre of the stitched flower and vine you would put the person's initials. As I do not know who will win the gifts I have just left it plain. The last gift I made will be first prize, a carry-all bag and a matching purse.
I can't give you the pattern to these two items, I just made them up as I went along! lol. I do love the materials though. Now I can get back to making my beaded dolls and knitting. I love being busy, in a crafty way, there is always something to try out.

I am going to kick back and take it easy today, still trying to get along with a sinus headache that's plaguing me. I've been a good girl and done the ironing and lots of dusting this week, so this afternoon I'm wanting some relaxation. Hope you are relaxing too. Enjoy. Kind regards, Anita.


BubzRugz said...

Lovely items Anita.... I have seen a similar mug pattern I want to do...
Hope that sinus headache goes... have a good rest...

Vickie said...

hooley dooley Miss Anita what awesome raffle prizes...the winners will be might pleased..doll fabric and bag fabric is supremo yum yum ..sure hope the sinus leaves you be real soon and now could you please come do my ironing????Cheers Vickie

Cubby House Crafts said...

Some lovely sewing there Anita!
Hope you are feeling better soon

Val said...

All the items are lovely. I particularly like the cup bag. I will have to make a few of those. Hope you are feeling relaxed.

Maria said...

Hope your headache goes soon.
What a beutiful lot of raffle prizes. Love them all.

Bev C said...

Hello Anita,

Great work on the raffle prizes, hope they raise a lot of money. Are you going in the parents race!!!!
Happy days.

Narelle said...

Gorgeous raffle items!
It's great having a pattern or two that we enjoy making often ... love you mug carrier. Nice idea to add the owners initials when known.


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